Ridin Music: In Honor of September 11th 2001

Sep 11, 2010

Trivia: What person released an album on September 11th 2001, the same day as his (and my) hometown was under attack, and still sold almost 500,000 copies in it’s opening week?

(Album cover by Jonathan Mannion)

The answer is Jay-Z and the album was the Blueprint.

Originally the album was set to be released a week later, but because of bootleggers, he pushed the album up a week. The advanced bootlegged copy literally had almost the same track selection, but don’t ask me how I know that or how I got my hands on it. Little did he, or the Metro New York City area what was gonna happen that Tuesday morning.

To be honest, and I know people will get mad about my saying this, but not everyone can release a Blueprint album. This album was written in two days, cut in two weeks, the date was pushed up a week, on the release date, the artist hometown was attacked, the same album goes 2x platinum, gets a XXL rating, AND a 5 Mic rating. You can hate, but real recognizes real. Most rappers can have a year to compose an album and it won’t have a fifth of the success that The Blueprint has had.

13 tracks, with two hidden bonus tracks, this album was no Reasonable Doubt, but it sure came close. My top three would have to be Takeover, U Don’t Know, and my top pick is Renegade. Living in New York during that Takeover vs. Ether vs. Super Ugly battle is very unforgettable, especially on the Angie Martinez show, she was taking polls of “who won the battle”.

I know I just said it, but Renegade, featuring Enimem is my top pick. The chorus: “Never been afraid to say what’s on my mind at any given time or day” is something that I adopted and applied to my everyday life. Feelings may get hurt, but don’t be mad if I’m honest with you. And I have hurt some folks’ feelings.

Two Parts have followed the Original Blueprint. One was Blueprint 2, which shouldn't have been a double disc album (Sorry Hov), and he's thankfully made up for the lackluster Blueprint 2 with The Blueprint 3.

My copy of the Blueprint is resting comfortably in my Envoy. I wonder if my sister still has the bootlegged copy of the Blueprint. She should be ashamed of herself. Oh well, I bought mine.

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