Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2024 Juice's New Year's Day Rideout

Jan 16, 2024

You know what they say, "what you do on New Year's Day sets the tone for the rest of the year". I decided to hop on a plane to attend to a good car show. And I love a good car show. On January 1st, 2024, I was in Hialeah, Florida (suburb of Miami, but they have a Wawa so I'm cool with Hialeah) to attend my first ever Juice's New Year's Day Ride Out and I was able to cross it off my wishlist. I've been following Juice for a few years (I basically keep an eye out for those who puts on a good car show, after I do my research of course) and I've been wanting to go to this show for awhile, mostly because the concept was a little intriguing. Ever hear of a car show that has two locations that takes place a city that doesn't know what winter is? I thought so. 

So here I am in Amelia Earhart park. I arrived super early but waited patiently until I can drive into the show area at noon. The entire time I was there, cars steadily arrived and the show grew bigger and bigger. Because of the Lowrider Magazine show in Atlanta, there were a few cars at the show that I've seen before. Just a few, but the majority of them were completely new to me and I was there to take it all in. Oh, and the energy was as great as the show. 

Definitely a photo from my phone.

At 6:30ish, the crowd left the park to go to the second location which was a super picturesque lot right behind the Kaseya Center (which is where the Miami Heat plays.) From what I can see, the lot was breathtaking because it was by the water and it had a gorgeous view of downtown Miami. However, the lot didn't have any lights and I didn't have my tripod so I didn't stay long. I wanted to, but yeah nah. 

At the very beginning of this post, I stated that how you spend New Year's Day sets the tone for the rest of the year. I traveled and attended a show that was on my wishlist. That means, there's more to come in 2024 and Bernie's Best of 2023 is coming soon. Because I attended this show, it pushed things back. To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2024 Juice's New Year's Day Rideout gallery

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