Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2023 Whip Addict Car Show

Oct 18, 2023

One week after the Midwest Fest weekend was the 2023 Whip Addict Car Show. Held at the Home Depot Backyard in Downtown Atlanta, I love coming to this particular show because of the location. 

This is one of my favorite locations for a car show because of the background of the Mercedes Benz Stadium, the Atlanta skyline, as well as the artwork that's on the grounds.  

Everything was great until I made it to the Top Five area and my camera's shutter went out on me and my photos started to look like this...

(the black box above is the shutter blocking part of the image)

The lifespan of a Canon 80d shutter is about 100000 actuations and I've had my camera for about 6 years, so basically it was standard maintenance. Rest assured, by the time you're reading this, my camera was definitely fixed. I have a few more shows in 2023 to conquer. Here's what I was able to capture before things went left...

To see the rest of the photos before my shutter went out, check out Bernie's 2023 Whip Addict Car Show gallery.

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