Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2022 STL Summer Showdown

Aug 29, 2022

Last year I was robbed of the full St Louis Summer Showdown experience, but I knew I had to come back. I stayed true to my word and on July 31st, I was back at World Wide Raceway to experience the show in its entirety.

I’ve become quite fond of the Midwest, but I know that it’s not for me because of the weather (Bernie doesn’t like tornadoes) MidwestFest provided a nice introduction/crash course into Midwestern car culture. It’s different because I get to see cars that I normally don’t see customized.  I’m aware that Indiana and Missouri are two separate states (New Yorkers somewhat know geography) but hear me out for a second.

Despite the name, St Louis Summer Showdown takes place in Illinois, so I get to enjoy cars from both Illinois and Missouri (I can never complain about that). There's also cars that show up from other states like Michigan and Indiana. Then there's places that I sometimes forget about- no offense Nebraska and Iowa (so much for New Yorkers knowing about geography). I can depend on a great turnout and I still get to see cars that I've never seen before.

My favorite car at the entire show was this '56 Pontiac Starchief, which happens to be my dream classic car (but I want a '55 since that's what they drove on I Love Lucy). I purposefully walked by this car a million times. Aside from the gorgeous Starchief, I did see...

To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2022 STL Summer Showdown gallery.

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