Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2022 Donk Day Car Show

Aug 24, 2022

On July 23rd, I traveled to Tampa for my first Donk Day car show. I was excited since this was my first donk show in Florida (Florida Classics doesn't count- cause that isn't truly a show. It's a three day hangout. It's a fun hangout, but it's still a hangout.) I thought I was going to see a lot of donks since I've seen past footage. 

Unfortunately my expectations wasn’t met. Don’t get me wrong, great looking cars did come. Compared to past shows (even last year’s show which was still in Dover), this year wasn’t nearly as packed. I expected a much larger show since it was in Florida. One thing I’ve learned since I’ve made the switch to focusing on lowriders and big wheel culture was Florida’s classic cars are pretty top tier so their shows should be swamped since they have the cars. Donk Day was cool, but I just expected more since it was in Florida.

So what did I see? 

To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2022 Donk Day gallery.


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