Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2013 SEMA Show: Day 4

Nov 15, 2013

... the final day. I used this day for pickup shots and I got the opportunity to check out the one aspect of SEMA that I never got to experience. 

In previous years, I always left Vegas that Friday, and I've missed out on the SEMA Cruise. The SEMA Cruise is when every single vehicle that was a part of SEMA drives out of the Las Vegas Convention Center in front of an audience. And the Cruise is the greatest way to end the show on such a high note since it gives you a chance to see something you've may have missed. 

(He stalled during the Cruise, but once he got her back started, there was a round of applause)

(I'm too cautious to get rolling shots like this. There's too many "what ifs" and last I checked, I did get a concussion earlier this year.)

This was my fourth year attending SEMA, and this was my favorite one by far. I've appreciated the fact that they granted me my credentials to attend this show for years. And I will be back for my fifth SEMA Show on November 3rd 2014. Las Vegas does love a New York girl. 

To see the photos from the last day, check out Bernie's SEMA Show Coverage: Day 4

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