Car Show Coverage: 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon

Feb 4, 2013

Last month, Tokyo (it's really Chiba City, Japan) hosted their 30th anniversary of the Tokyo Auto Salon. The Tokyo Auto Salon is the largest auto exhibition in the world that's held every year in January. 

Growing up in NY, I can appreciate an import car. Friday and Saturday nights would be the nights where people would street race, so in some weird way, seeing customized imports brings back childhood memories. 

So thanks to,,,,,,,,, and I was able to compile a strong post about the Tokyo Auto Salon. Brace yourself, cause there's a lot of photos in this post. And yes, I'm showing off the models too. I may be a girl, but I do know that models are a part of car show culture.

She's cute... Yes I can admit when a girl is cute.
I'm showing her off twice. #NoGirlCrush

Hate the spoiler, love the car. But I would have picked better wheels. 

I like her personality. She's cute too.

Love it!!! And I hate orange cars. This is the perfect street racing car... 
Slammed to the ground...
The Japanese can customize a van like no other. 
Only a tiny percentage of the amount of Toyota 86's that was at the show
I like the bears... but nothing else.

She's cute too...
So is she.
Yes!!! I wonder if the Toyota 86 would ever hit the states?

The showoffs at Liberty Walk brought a chrome Lambo... or three.

They should have brought some girls from Diamonds of Atlanta... 

Love the dramatic lighting.

Like the wheel design

Copper isn't a bad color for a vehicle. It looks pretty good. 

Yes!!!!! Love it.

Like the faux tire skid marks, but love the blacked out Mini Cooper.

I want a stuffed animal. 
That is one biiiiggggg van. Couldn't this be classified as a double decker bus?

The chrome trend has not died.

I do love to see how the Japanese customize domestic vehicles.

But they were dead wrong for this.

Yes, the Super Snake is considered a foreign car in Japan. 
As perverted as some men are, I bet that the body pillow sold out.

It's safe to say that this is a staple at TAS. Still brings a large crowd.

The eyelashes work on this Fiat, but I hate it when girls put the lashes on any ol' car. I've seen it on an Impala and wanted to rip 'em off.

Snooki's dream car.

The detail in the paint.... 
*blank stare*

Was hoping this trend would have died. I guess not...

I wonder if the driver could drive in the HOV lane in this car? 

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