ADV.1 Wheels Shows off a Mercedes S63

Aug 9, 2012

ADV.1 Wheels released photos of a blacked out Mercedes Benz S63. According to ADV.1, with the addition of 22 inch ADV5.0 Deep Concaves with matte black centers and gloss black lips gave this Benz a bit more personality.  This Merc is now a car you can fully expect to see in a dark alley getting someone with a bag over their head stuffed into the trunk at gunpoint. We mean that in a good way of course; it's a mean, uncompromising, German speed machine with attitude.


Nice... but they need to save the Mafia reference for a city that was influenced by the mob. Las Vegas, Chicago, and New York-- yes. Los Angeles-- no. Los Angeles is tied with Atlanta when it comes to the Mafia. (And Atlanta, BMF doesn't count)

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