Bernie's Favorite: Estevan Oriol talks cars with Travis Barker

Jul 7, 2012

Photo found on Sanctiond Official Website
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that I love hip-hop. I was always around it because my mom listens to it as well. I seriously bought my mom the Life After Death album for her birthday one year (nothing says happy birthday like a Notorious B.I.G. album). It's hard to step outside of my world with music, but finding a common ground does help, and I'm open to finding a common ground.

found on Grassroots Motor

Case in point- Travis Barker. I know he's a drummer in Blink 182, and I know he loves cars. Sanctiond Automotive sat down with Travis Barker, ironically when Mister Cartoon just completed one of his tattoos. But with what he had to say about cars, you have to respect him for it.

Top four things I loved about this interview...

1. When he said "Paint jobs are a reflection of the personality of the owner"
2. A girl he was dating said she hated old school cars, and after she said that, it put a strain on the relationship.
3. How his son is knowledgeable about Chevys before the age of 10.

And the most important point, and it is the reason why I love to travel to different shows when he stated how people in different parts of the country customize their cars.

Great interview Estevan Oriol. Great Interview. I have a new found respect for Travis Barker because of it.

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