Revisiting Kim Kardashian's Luxury Custom Car Game

Jul 2, 2012

I think this photo is cute...

Yes they make an interesting duo and yes, in some ways they do compliment each other. However, we're not here to talk about that, we're talking about the cars... No hate here. In fact, I love it. In a way, she made him a bit more happier in the public eye...

Kim's personal car customizer and the one she extremely trusts with her high end vehicles, Platinum Motorsport, added their personal touches to two vehicles for them... within a month. The first vehicle was Kim's birthday gift to Kanye- a Lamborghini Aventador that was given to him. She didn't get him a Gallardo... thankfully since the Gallardo is the most produced Lambo to date. Some thought was given to the gift because the Aventador is a new model (code for not that many people have it). Then Kim bought for herself a new Rolls Royce Ghost in black, and got rid of the white one.

So what did Kim do?

She went to Platinum Motorsport, ordered some black matte paint or wrap for both vehicles. And the end result, which is the only thing we care about...

And if you want to see Kanye's upclose....


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