Sanctiond Automotive talks with Platinum Motorsports

May 1, 2012

(You know the Keshishyan Brothers have the best photos of themselves on their site)

LA Native and Photography great Estevan Oriol shot an incredible video about "the Neiman Marcus of Car Customization Shops", Platinum Motorsports. He shot the Keshishyan brothers (George and Jack) and discussed how they acquired the business from their father and turned it into a powerhouse, their work ethic, and the work that comes out of the shop. Either way, it was a great look, even better than whatever articles that's been printed out about them.

Check out the video and see for yourself.

Even though they had a leg up in the business (meaning: the business was given to them by their father), you have to admit, they did turn it into something far greater than what the business originally was. Anytime you can do that, you have to give them respect.

P.S. You know Estevan Oriol does great work. He reminds me of Hype Williams- meaning the video he produces will have that same uber high quality like his photography. With Hype, his movie Belly looks just like his music videos.

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