Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2012 Stuntfest

May 9, 2012

This past Sunday was the annual Stuntfest at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. And you already know that the Stuntworld Guys put on quite a show. This was my third consecutive year supporting Stuntfest (would have been my fourth, but I went to a video shoot instead), and haven't been disappointed. Everyone knows I'm critical about car shows, and I'm reminded about it every show in Georgia that I go to. I don't mind driving to a car show, I don't mind paying to get into the show, I don't mind paying for food and drinks at the show, but if I'm doing the three previous things, there better be some cars there. Trust and believe, that failure in Madison is still being talked about.

And if you're wondering if I had a great time, my response is this: If I missed Mob Wives to attend this show, then you know I had a great time. I don't miss Mob Wives for anything... except Stuntfest.

One thing about me is that I watch who's around me. I'm a New Yorker and by nature, I know my surroundings. In my opinion, the crowd's favorite cars went to any and every Chevy Chevelle that was produced in 1968-1972. I must have heard "That Challenger is alright, but that Chevelle is hard" about 148 times Sunday. The way those guys were staring at the body, the paint, the engine, the wheels, and the interior... you would have thought they were staring at a Magic City Stripper. And if you're talking to someone and a Chevelle drove by, forget the rest of the conversation since you would have lost your train of thought. I told you I watch my surroundings. People watching at car shows is very entertaining, yet knowledgeable at the same time. I just said I'm not from the South, so naturally, my taste in cars is different. I'm not a donk person. Never have been, never will be. I'll take a '67 Mustang or a lowrider, but not a donk. I don't discredit donks, but I look for other people's reactions for knowledge. But I'll tell you one thing- I take a donk over a pickup truck anyday.

I can't tell you a thing about the performances, because I didn't pay attention to them. I know you want me to shut up, so here's some photos...

(My sister would love this car...)

(I fell in love with the color. The way the sun hit it ever so perfectly...)

That's enough... For the rest of the photos, check out my 2012 Stuntfest Gallery...

P.S. I think I saw Forgiato's entire wheel collection there.


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