Update: Bernie's Top 5 Picks from the 2012 Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction

Jan 25, 2012

As we speak, the Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction is still going on in Scottsdale, Arizona. Money's being spent and cars are being purchased. Through their site, I was able to see what's on the chopping block, and offer my opinion of what's being sold.

Recently I was just turned onto the magic of the Barrett-Jackson auction, and they offer some great cars for you to purchase. Most importantly, it gives you that opportunity to own your dream old school car, those vintage, hard to find vehicles can literally be found under one roof. There were many vehicles and one old school John Deere tractor for sale, but I was able to pick my personal favorite from the bunch...

I'm not going to lie, I would gladly take Bret Michael's Bentley Continental off of his hands... after a full detail. (After all, he did have three seasons of Rock of Love.) The car has been sold for $128,700.00- well above the Blue Book value for an 8 year old car. Also his 2004 Lincoln Navigator went for $29,000- again- well above the Blue Book value for an 8 year old SUV.

A 1955 Chevy Bel-Air Hardtop. One of many Bel-Airs for sale, however, there's something about powder blue cars from the 1950's that just stand out. This beautiful car- whitewalls and all sold for $44,000.00. I would look so cute driving around Compton-- I mean-- Los Angeles in this.

1966 Ford Mustang GT Fastback... but the color has to GO!!!! Lime Green??? This car sold for $34,100.00. (**Note: Certain colors irk me when I see them on cars. Just because it's available as a Crayola Crayon, it wouldn't look good on a 3,000+ piece of metal on four wheels). An adorable car that had to suffer, I really hope this was the original color...

1951 Ford Crestline 2 Door Sedan. My god, this is beautiful. Get this, the color isn't a typical one, but it fits. It compliments the car, and it's called Hawaiian Bronze and Mahogany. 1951 was a very good year- it was the year my mother was born AND in that same year, I Love Lucy debuted. Sadly, this car was sold for only $22,000, and that was a bargain.

1955 Ford Crown Victoria 2 Door Hardtop. First and foremost, I'm probably one of the few chicks who can say that pink is not my number one color. I like black, white, and silver. But like I've said earlier in this post, certain colors work on 1950's cars that wouldn't really work on a modern vehicle. I've fallen in love, but I'm not abandoning my dream of having a Star Chief. Unfortunately, this car was snatched up for $18,700. That means I won't be cruising on the 405 in this, listening to Jadakiss.

After seeing these vehicles, I wouldn't mind attending a Barrett-Jackson auction and they give out media passes. But I'm well aware that I'll stick out like a sore thumb. I need to plan a trip to the auction to take photos...

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