Nicki Minaj vs. Paris Hilton: The Battle of the Pink Bentley

Dec 3, 2011

A few days ago, Nicki Minaj was seen leaving the Grammy Nominations Party in LA in a Pink Bentley Continental GT. However, it's not the first time Los Angeles has seen a Pink Bentley Continental GT driven by a famous woman. Paris Hilton does have the same car, customized to the same color, however the rest of the customizations were a little different. So I bring to you: The Battle of the Pink Bentley Continental GT.

Though the battle is between a 2012 one and 2007/2008 Bentley, I'm going with Paris' Bentley and here's why. Ever since Bentley introduced the Continental GT in 2003, I've wanted one... and I almost got one that year. (Interesting Marriage Proposal. Shhhhhh) What turned me onto the car was the body since I like curvy-looking cars. Boxy cars irk me to no end, that's why I can't stand the Rolls Royce Phantom. Then when Bentley refined the Continental GT, I was not happy. The front end looks good, but the rear was designed after the Mulsanne (The newer version of the Arnage a.k.a. The Boxy Bentley).

(Back of Nicki's Continental)
(Back of Paris' Continental)

Besides the canvas, the customizations were cohesive with Paris' Bentley. The color scheme carried into the interior of the car as well. Not only was the car pink, but so were the wheels, the trim on the grille, the dashboard, steering wheel, the accents on the seats, the side door panels, etc. And may I add the fact that she had the gear shift crystalized? Nicki's Bentley reminds me of Kim Kardashian's first Range Rover- the exterior doesn't match the interior. The customizations were only limited to the exterior.

Though I like Nicki, she was cool with me the times I met her, plus she's from Queens, NY, I'm rolling with Paris' Bentley. I should send Nicki the address and phone number to West Coast Customs. And Paris is donating her car to charity.

P.S. I'm still blaming Cam'ron for all this madness, since he started this mess back in 2006. But at least his Range Rover was DONE....


  1. nicki minaj's car is more beautiful

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