"Diva Edition" Rolls Royce Ghost

Dec 20, 2011

An Italian fashion designer decided to take their talents from fashion to customizing cars...

... in which he came up with the Diva Edition Rolls Royce Ghost totaling to well over $1 million. According to the highly outraged The Daily Mail, "The Fenice Milano 'Diva' has been spray painted in 24-carat gold and the company is so proud of it they have described the model as a 'true.masterpiece.'
It is fitted with the same 6-litre twin-turbocharged engine of the Ghost, giving the saloon more than 560bhp and a top speed of 155mph."

"Fenice Milano believes their Rolls-Royce is a 'synonym for class, elegance and style'. many would disagree.
The interior has biscuit leather and 24-carat gold throughout. The standard Ghost costs £220,000 but the Diva is now for sale at £1.05million."

Maybe some things should be left up to car customizers... And why do I picture Bryan "Birdman" Williams buying this?

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