Allow me to introduce two of Will Castro's newest clients...

Oct 4, 2010

Meet Mike Sorrentino, a sweet (can't confirm that one) Italian man who is originally from New York. He may look familiar cause he's on this little show on MTV called Jersey Shore and goes by the name of The Situation.

Season 2 of Jersey Shore didn't take place in Jersey, instead they took it to Miami, where he met Will Castro. Mike decided to take two gently used Bentley Continentals to Will to have them customized- one for him, one for his brother, Unique Autosports customized them, and in typical fashion, Will presented them to the Situation which will be aired on the Jersey Shore.

The second one happens to be my personal favorite from the Jersey Shore.

Meet Paul DelVecchio, more commonly known as DJ Pauly D from Providence, Rhode Island. After hearing that the Situation brought two Bentleys to Will, he decided to send his 2011 White Mercedes S550 to Unique Autosports for an upgraded sound system as well as...

Getting Pauly D on the trunk.

I see that they both like to have their names on their cars. Better them than me.

I guess GTLing and GFA has paid off. Guido Applications...

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