My First Car Show: 2007 NOPI Nationals

Mar 20, 2010

The first show I've ever attended spoiled me greatly. At first, I thought I was attending the Funkmaster Flex Car Show in Atlanta, then when I got there, it was the NOPI Nationals with Flex having a small part of the show. Despite the slightly hefty admission fee ($45 for one day, $55 for two days), it was worth it.

Like every show, there's cars that entered who didn't have any customizations done to it (Don't you just hate that), but the stock vehicles were few and far between, thank god. There were vehicles that you don't normally see customized- Like this GMC Envoy (NO, this isn't mine)

Hardwood floors inside of an Expedition.

Mazdas with crazy sound systems that don't allow for passengers.

Girly Honda Civics done right (I better not catch a dude driving driving this)

Love the LV seats!!!

The Mitsubishi Eclipse with the metal floors that coordinate with the rest of the vehicle.

And my favorite, the Dodge Charger that will cost a lot to make it stock again.

Going to NOPI as my first car show was well worth it, but I thought that all car shows were going to be like that. Was I wrong or what???? I LOVED NOPI, and too bad that was the last time NOPI came to Atlanta, whice forced me to be subjected to HORRIBLE car shows like the V-103 Car and Bike Concert in Atlanta. Yeah, I said it...

For more photos from this show, you can go to my gallery on my site

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