"Girls don't shoot cars, Girls stand next to cars and lie on them..."

Mar 11, 2010

The title to this post is very stupid, cause guys still think like that... and this was a quote in an article.

My name is Bernadette, and for a long, long time, I was called Bernie for short. Growing up, I wasn't like typical girls. At the age of 5, I picked up my first camera and at the age of 8, I discovered my love for cars. Guys would assume that my love for cars and photography came from my dad, but sadly my father is too, too conservative to appreciate cars or the arts. Lucky me...

Since September 2007, I've been hooked on car shows. That month, I attended my first show- NOPI Nationals/Funkmaster Flex Car Show in Atlanta, GA. After that show, I started going to more and more car shows, and slowly fazing out the events and productions that I once covered in the Metro Atlanta Area.

I started Doing Donuts With Bernie as a way to get my feet wet since I wanted to put on my own car show. As I continued blogging, my motive behind Doing Donuts With Bernie changed. I honestly love going to car shows all over the country. My dream job would literally be to go around the world to cover car shows- regardless of what type of show or which crowd they cater to. I've been to lowrider shows, import shows, old school/hot rod shows, and hood shows (you know- donks, boxes, SUVs, Camaros, Chargers, etc). No matter what type of car show it is, it shares the same theory- I consider the customization of a car or even the purchase of a specific car a form of self-expression, basically like an art form. Going to car shows in different locations are fun- you get to meet people and you get to see a different way of doing things.

I still have a lot of things up my sleeve with what I want to do with this blog, because I do believe that my vision will come alive.

By no means do I claim to know everything about the auto industry. I'm just a girl who loves cars and how people customize them. This site is based on of my opinion and those I interview, it is not set in stone.

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