Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2024 Nava Easter Fest

Apr 22, 2024

Right after the New York Auto Show, I returned to Broward County (the county north of Miami-Dade County) for Nava's Easter Fest. Last year, I rated the Easter Fest as an inconclusive because I didn't get the full experience. And I was correct.

Nava unveiled his newly customized '71 Chevy Impala

What I mean by full experience is that I'm familiar with South Florida and their capabilities on putting on a great donk show. On top of that, Nava is an influential person, so when you combine those two aspects, you know that a show would be excellent. This year's show was quite the opposite of last year's. Bright sunny skies, warm weather, and most importantly... a whole lot of cars.

So what did I see??? I'm so glad you asked. Most of the cars, and I do mean most, like a smooth 95% of the cars that were a part of the show didn't come last year. And of that 95%, about 85% of the cars were completely new to me. 

To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2024 Nava Easter Fest gallery.

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