Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2023 California Classic Car Show

Sep 12, 2023

On August 26th, I attended my first California Classic Car Show in Sacramento, CA. Not only was this my first time attending the California Classic, but this was my first time in Northern California. I was so excited until I was met with the worst surprise ever. 

I planned to attend this show after seeing the coverage from last year's show. A few months later, I met Alex a.k.a. Sleepy, the owner of Sacramento Speed Shop at the 2022 SEMA Show and I told him that I wanted to go after seeing the turnout. Staying true to my word, I showed up this year to the Sacramento Raceway Park with a charged phone, battery bank, and my camera- ready to take photos and shoot some videos. 

Right when I was about to start taking photos, this error pops up on my screen. In a nutshell, the disconnect between my camera and lens was due to a cable internally snapping in my Tokina lens (apparently this was a common issue with Tokina lenses). I'm in love with this particular lens since I'm able to get the entire car without standing 30 feet away from the car without distorting it. I only shoot with this one particular lens. But I didn't travel 2400 miles to cry and I definitely wasn't going to pout in my Airbnb, I was going to leave out of there with something

I'm pretty familiar with the Southern California car culture. Although it is the same state, the Northern California car culture is similar but different. Northern California loves A-Bodies... my goodness. I saw so many Chevelles and Cutlasses yet they also have an appreciation for donks and G-Bodies. However... it's still California and California does have an exceptional standard of customizations. Regardless of the car, it's going to be correctly customized. So in this area, here's the photos I'm willing to show with my camera that had the broken lens...

I had to rate this show as an inconclusive because I couldn't provide the coverage that I normally show. The cars were there, my lens literally acted a bad kid with behavioral issues. I'll be back...

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