Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2022 Florida Classic Weekend

Dec 5, 2022

After the fun that I had last year, on November 18th, I returned to Orlando for my second Florida Classic Weekend.

We all know that Florida Classic Weekend has to do with a football game between FAMU and BC-U. However... you're reading a post from a person who doesn't care about Football (I am New York to the heart, and I still don't care about the Giants and the Jets), so to me, Florida Classic Weekend is about cars. 

After learning from my mistakes from last year, I knew how to move differently. First of all, I didn't miss my flight this year. I touched down in Orlando about 7 pm, picked my car up at 8, went to Wawa around 8:15, slammed back two full cups of coffee and hit the ground running.

One of my many trips to Wawa

Friday night, I couldn't make it to West Colonial Drive because Orlando PO shut the street down, so the next best thing was to find a gas station that had a lot of people and I found the perfect gas station...

Amoco gas station!!! After I bullied my way in, I lasted until the cops cleared the lot out at 1 am.

The next morning, I pulled up to 2155 West Colonial Drive with is the address to Magic Mall. I purposely pulled up at 11 am, so I could park in a spot where I don't have to worry about my rental and I wouldn't miss any action.

This year was far more packed than last year. Cars from as close as around the corner (metro Orlando) to as far as Illinois drove down West Colonial Drive. I did see cars with New York plates but they weren't show cars. More than likely, they were already in Florida and just happened to join the party.

By 2:15 pm, I was in the street- walking up to cars and catching as much as action as I could and I lasted until 7 pm. Saturday was incredible, mostly because everyone knew what was coming Sunday...

Unfortunately it rained the majority of Sunday and both the Riding Big Car Show and Music Festival and the Big Rim 5 Super Bowl (which was the race) were cancelled. The car show was located at the fairgrounds which means that the cars would have been parked in mud and racing on a wet track isn't exactly considered safe. The rain stopped at 4 but by the time I made it to Magic Mall, Orlando PD had already shut the roads down. At the end of the day, I had so much fun during my second Florida Classic Weekend. What a way to end the 2022 car show season. 

To see the rest of my photos, check out Bernie's 2022 Florida Classic Weekend gallery.

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