Top 20 Automotive Photos Based off of Nick Diamond's Instagram Page

Oct 10, 2014

This photo is actually from Kevin Wong's Instagram Page. Great shot so I had to use it.
Off of the strength of the DJ Envy post I created awhile back, I decided to create another one like it, but with another serious car enuthusiast.

Presenting San Francisco bred Nicholas Tershay, but more commonly known to the world as Nick Diamond, owner of Diamond Supply Company. When he's not being the creative force behind the Diamond Life Brand, or running two Diamond Supply Stores in Los Angeles and San Francisco, or overseeing the creation of the third store in the SoHo section of Manhattan, NY, or actively feeding his passion for skateboarding, or collaborating on his second line- the Grizzly Griptape, which is an outdoor line, he's showing off another passion... his love for cars.

At the time of this post, Nick had about 5,900 photos on his Instagram page (@NickyDiamonds). Judging by the posts on  his page, within one year- he acquired a few cars (two of which were Rolls Royces), was on a cover of a national car magazine, did a frame-off restoration, and also had one of his vehicles as a part of SEMA. Yes kids, all of this was within one calendar year. Don't hate, just get inspired.  So now, I'm showing you what a year in Nick Diamond's Automotive world looks like... in about 20 (or more) photos.

Last year at this time, Nick was on the cover of Dub Magazine along with his Diamond Blue Ferrari 458, Range Rover, Mercedes S550, and Chevy Malibu. But out of these four, the star of the show is obviously...

The Diamond Blue Ferrari. In this issue of Dub, Nick stated that he "always wanted a Ferrari but it always felt like something that was untouchable growing up". He finally bought a black one, and thought about how exotic it would look if it were Diamond Blue. Platinum Motorsports made his thoughts into a reality by doing a painted wrap on it since there wasn't a regular vinyl in that color. As icing on the cake, the brake calipers are painted Diamond Blue and the wheels are painted gunmetal.

Let's be real, we might as well refer to the Ferrari as the company car, since it's Diamond Blue. The car stands out and you'll remember it if you see it...

Like so. So why not take this shot, and make a couple of shirts out of it? Nick did.

And made some cash off of it. 

Just a Random day hanging out with Ben Baller.

Earlier I mentioned that within one calender year, Nick purchased two Rolls Royces. First he bought the Ghost. Of course Platinum Motorsports worked their magic on it by adding a two tone paint on it.

Then he brought the Wraith and had it lowered and blacked out the silver trim around the windows...

The final new car I'm touching on was a part of SEMA in 2013.

Platinum Motorspots chose Nick's Range Rover to be the first one to get the new Starke body kit and custom wheels, and had it on display in Vegas. And then after SEMA, I believe he made a few small changes....

Now for the fun stuff. Now Nick isn't just one of those "I only like new cars" type of guys. He's an old school Chevy kind of guy. Don't believe me??? First, he has stated that he does own a '66 Chevy Chevelle 397 SS, '68 Chevy Malibu 327 cruiser, and a '70 Chevy Chevelle 396 SS droptop. But he did add a new toy, or two, to his collection. Let's start off with the restoration...

When he first bought this 1969 Chevy Chevelle, it had Daytons, a chain steering wheel, blankets covering the holes on the seats, rust, etc. With a little-- okay I mean-- A LOT of work and a trustworthy body shop, his Chevelle went from this silver rust bucket to...

Snuck in a during the restoration process picture, along with the 572 big block engine. But for the clear after photo...

This is a gorgeous Rosso Corsa Ferrari red Chevelle. And the interior has custom seats in butter soft black leather and wood grain steering wheel.

He also asked his followers what's their favorite year of Chevelle's.

Just an average night... cruising down streets of LA in a 1967 Corvette Stingray that is all original even down to the paint.

So... Nick bought this '66 Chevy Chevelle exactly how it looks in this photo. His idea for it is to paint her black and put some new interior in since he doesn't have a black Chevelle. 

But he loves to show off his 1967 Chevy Nova. Nick truly lucked out when he bought this Nova, he didn't have to restore it. Just get in and drive....

Another one of Nick's favorite cars to show off (since he does play favorites) is his 1968 Chevelle. Within the past year, I believe he post photos of this Chevelle more than any other car... Facts: He's the second owner, everything is still original except the tires and the new paint which was repainted to the factory correct color. This car is as clean as the day it was purchased in 1968.

And finally... sometimes if you really want something and if you have to money to get it, then why not get it.

So Nick sent one of his friends all the way to Missouri, of all places, to check out this 1969 Plymouth GTX for him. His friend said it was perfect and Nick bought it.

Stay tuned for my next car enthusiast post...


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