Platinum Motorsports Customizes a Range Rover Autobiography Edition for Celebrity Client

Oct 18, 2012

... and it's not Kim Kardashian. Because the celebrity gave Platinum Motorsport a NDA (non disclosure agreement), she doesn't want people to know that this RR is temporarily hers, even though she's photographed like crazy. And since I figured out who she is, I can technically give hints- her and her Soccer playing husband weren't born in this country, but they moved to LA several years ago. She is extremely fashion forward, was once in a singing group, and both her and her husband love cars. Oh and she has her own Range Rover Evoque Edition.

Now this mystery woman, came to Platinum Motorsports because she wants to customize this Range Rover for the time being. Her actual RR doesn't arrive until January, so this $120,000 Range Rover Autobiography edition will suit her just fine... for now. PM does what they do best- make this vehicle as equally fabulous as their client. And so they did, and gave step by step pictures of the entire process.

In a nutshell, they removed all of the chrome trim and made it black, upgraded the wheels to Agetro, improved the exhaust, as well as removed the motorized running boards

P.S. Must be nice to be able to buy a temporary, yet the most expensive trim level of RR and have it customized, knowing that you're going to get rid of it by January.


  1. That Rover is really hot! Primarily because it's all black with a simple wide mag wheels. I really love the new Range Rover, and even more so when I saw that model at the bottom!

    Sara Anthony

  2. Oooh… all eyes on this magnificent Range Rover! Shining black cars really amaze me! They look so elegant, and for me, black cars are hotter than cars of any other color. :))

    Erwin Calverley

  3. Whoever is this “mystery woman” who owns this RR is one lucky girl! The words “sexy” and “RR” are rarely used in one sentence. But in this case, it would say that this Range Rover is one sexy vehicle! [Leisa Dreps]


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