TV Time: Inside West Coast Customs

Feb 21, 2011

(Photos borrowed from West Coast

I love it when customization shops get their own TV shows. West Coast Customs isn't a stranger to television. A few short years ago, it was the shop of choice on the MTV show "Pimp My Ride", more on that later. Founded in 1995, by Ryan Friedlinghaus, West Coast Customs operates out of a state-of-the-art 25,000 square foot facility in Southern California, and it is one of the top car customization shops in the world. They surpassed being one of the top in the country when they opened shops in Mexico, Germany, Dubai, Malaysia, Russia and Japan.

With "Inside West Coast Customs", I hope it's more on the order of Unique Whips and less on the order of Pimp My Ride. Yeah, Pimp My Ride was more popular than Unique Whips and I liked the gist of Pimp My Ride. I'm all for a show that helps people that can't afford to fix their cars. But the show turned into how many electronic tchotchkes can you fit inside of a vehicle (Honest opinion). I'm not totally familiar with West Coast Customs projects (other than Paris Hilton's Pink Bentley Continental GT), but I'm positive they're better than that. Watching Pimp My Ride, I didn't see a car where I would say "I want a car just like that".

Aside from the shops and the TV show, West Coast Customs expanded their empire to T Shirts, Keychains, as well as cleaning products and more. I will be dropping by that shop when I go to LA.

Here's a clip from "Inside West Coast Customs"

To watch Inside West Coast Customs, it starts February 20th at 9:00 on the Discover Channel. For behind the scenes outtakes and previews of Inside West Coast Customs, visit -, on facebook or follow them on twitter.

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