Project Khan supplies a Customized Maybach 57 for the Royal Wedding

Apr 25, 2011

Project Khan, a customization shop in Bradford, England, has agreed to supply a customized Mercedes-Benz Maybach 57 for the Royal Wedding that happens this Friday.

According to Project Khan, the owner, Afzal Kahn has released the ultimate commemorative item to mark HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding day.

The pearl white Project Kahn Maybach 57 complete with the regal-sounding number plate: 4 HRH (For His Royal Highness)– is the ultimate European luxury saloon, sitting magnanimously at Project Kahn headquarters in Bradford as a fitting tribute to the royal couple.

The principal British designer truly believes the Project Kahn Maybach 57 and the 4 HRH number plate is the ultimate tribute for the future king of England and his bride.

"Project Kahn understands the meaning of traveling in style and with the conversion we perform on this prestige vehicle there is no more of a stylish way to travel," said the British designer.

The Pearl White Project Kahn Maybach 57 Vehicle specifications:
Wheels & Tyres
- Kahn RS-D 9.5x22" (Designed to accommodate original center cap)
- Valve Caps

Paintwork & Finishing
- Project Kahn Maybach 57 smoked rear lights

Interior Components
- Project Kahn Interior Package

Safety and Security
- Pentagon privacy glass

- Kahn Lightweight Golfing Umbrella with Carbon Fiber Shaft
- Kahn Key Ring

I'm sure that you don't care any more than I do, but it is a customized car.

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