ADV.1 Wheels Shows off a Lamborghini Gallardo

Jul 31, 2012

ADV.1 Wheels released photos of a gorgeous blue Lamborghini Gallardo. According to ADV.1, they opted to pull out all the stops and build them a staggered 20″ ADV10.0 Track Spec SL setup. Their ADV10.0 is our new spoke design that is available now in all of their forgings. The combination of polished lips and a brushed bronze center spokes on the blue Gallardo is one of the most refreshing combinations of colors they've seen in recent memory.

Asanti Wheels Shows off a Maserati, Aston Martin and Audi R8

Asanti Wheels released a video showing off not one, not two, but three exotic cars. A Maserati, Aston Martin DBS, and an Audi R8 are seen wearing Asanti Wheels. Check this out...

Create A Barrier Between Dirt And Your Wheels with Meguiar’s New Hot Rims Brake Dust Barrier

Every car guy (AND GIRL!!!!) knows that freshly detailed wheels can be ruined just minutes after one joy ride, spoiling hours of hard work.Knowing this, Meguiar’s, the leader in car care technology, has developed its brand new Hot Rims Brake Dust Barrier to make cleaning wheels easier.

Made with a special formula, this product is designed to cling to wheels, creating a barrier between the rims’ surface and debris. Hot Rims Brake Dust Barrier enables easier removal of dirt and grime with a quick rinse, making it faster for owners to detail them during future car care sessions. What’s more, Meguiar’s latest spray is its most durable yet, and has been proven to outlast other wheel protectors. 

Car lovers can protect their wheels by simply spraying a light coating on a clean, dry surface. Hot Rims Brake Dust Barrier can be applied to painted, polished aluminum and chrome wheels, making it one of the most versatile wheel products on the market. Available in a 9 oz. aerosol spray, this brand new Meguiar’s product is available at major retailers and auto enthusiast/specialty retailers nationwide.

Vossen Wheels Shows off a Ford Mustang Boss 302

Vossen Wheels released photos of a gorgeous Ford Mustang Boss 302. This Boss Mustang is wearing the VVS-CV5 wheels in Matte Graphite. 20x9 in the front and 20x10.5 in the rear. Check this out...

Concept One Shows off their new CS-10 Wheels

Jul 30, 2012

Concept One Wheels released a photo of their new CS-10 Wheel and how the wheel would look on a Infiniti G35.

This particular wheel is available in the Matte Silver Machined finish as well as the Matte Gunmetal finish. The CS-10 Wheel is available in sizes 20x9 and 20x10.5 with the bolt patterns of 5x120, 5x112, and 5x114.3.  And in true Concept One Wheel fashion, they've included photos of an Infiniti G35 wearing the CS-10. Check this out...


Bernie's Favorite: New Fiat 500L has built in espresso machine

This is EXACTLY what I need. According to USA Today, Fiat has teamed up with the Lavazza to create “the first standard-production car in the world to offer a true espresso coffee machine”. The new Fiat 500L is a slightly larger four-door car that has intergated the espresso machine (with matching cups!!!), but it will be available without it as well.

The new Fiat 500L goes on sale in Italy first, of course, in October, then it'll make its way to the US in 2013. However, even though the new 500L is far more Italian than the Olive Garden, it will have a touch of America by adding the Beats by Dre sound system. You gotta love it.

P.S. Lavazza is the Italian version of Starbucks and Dr Dre must be filthy rich from the Beats by Dre empire.

Butler Tire Shows Off a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Before I begin, life caught up with me and I didn't want to update my blog when I'm down and out. I tend to shut down, and I know that it's not always the best method. So I'm back and throwing myself into my blog...

The guys at Atlanta's Butler Tire released some shots of a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti that they had the pleasure of working on. This particular 612 Scaglietti was outfitted with 22 inch Dub Technic Wheels which actually made the Ferrari stand out even more. Check this out...


Concept One Wheels Shows Off Their New CSM-7 Wheels

Jul 23, 2012

Concept One Wheels released some shots of their new CSM-7 Wheel as well as how the wheel would look on an Infiniti G35.

This particular wheel is their new CSM-7 Wheel shown in the matte silver machined finish, but it's also available in matte gunmetal machined finish. You can get this wheel in 20x9 and 20x10.5 with the bolt patterns of 5x120, 5x112, and 5x114.3. Check out how this wheel looks on an Infiniti below....

Estevan Oriol does Gumball 3000 Rally

Frequent collaborator to Mister Cartoon, and respected photographer, Estevan Oriol had the pleasure of partaking in this years' Gumball Rally (so jealous). As any artistic talent would, he documented his weeklong journey. From New York to Los Angeles, he captured it all... well most of it. Check it out to figure out why he couldn't make it to one of the stops...

I wasn't kidding when I said that I was jealous. But I also know that my time will come. Patience is a very hard quality to possess.

Bernie's Car Show Coverage: Street Whipz and Dreamteam Customz Car and Bike Show

Jul 20, 2012

Last Sunday was the first annual Street Whipz and Dreamteam Custom Car and Bike Show in Atlanta. It wasn't the first time Street Whipz put on a show. At first they were known as GA Toyz, but some of the guys disbanded and now the remaining guys are known as Street Whipz.  Luckily they haven't lost their touch on how to put on a car show.

I  had a lot of fun. Most of the show was filled with cars that I've never seen before (which is always a good thing). But I had to move fast while at this show because of the heat. I've said it plenty of times, I'm not built for the heat. Yes it does get hot in New York, but the beauty of it is that when it thunders, it cools things down for DAYS, but in the south, it cools things down for minutes, or if you're lucky, hours. And Bernie can't handle it. I don't need to blackout at a car show... again.

Anyway, enough of my tales of "Things I hate about the South", here's some photos...

For more photos, check out my Street Whipz and Dreamteam Customs Car Show gallery

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