Update: Ben Baller's New "Family" Car: A Bentley Flying Spur Speed

Jul 3, 2012

Photo by Vincent

My favorite lifestyle blogger, and ironically the only one that I choose to follow, happens to go to Jeweler to the Stars, Ben Baller. I've written about him before, so on to his update.

He decided to get rid of his BMW 745, and decided on an upgrade. According to Ben, and I chose to use his words verbatium, because he's a very informative person and I like his writing style.

"I have been trying to find a 4 door everyday family car and it’s been sooo hard! I mean for months I’ve been trying to find something. the panamera is doing a light refresh with the front and rear next year…. the S class has a new body coming out in just over a year and the new 7 series drops in mid august of this year… the big body range rover gets a complete makeover next year as well…. I seriously very seriously considered even getting a fisker, but the upkeep with the battery charging and shit is too much of a hassle. I needed something quick and last month I came SUPER close in picking up a 2012 Maserati quattroporte GT-S with everything possible… but even with the light refresh in 2009, I knew others might think that was an older whip and I wasn’t crazy about it overal… then I wanted the Rapide really badly until the dealership let me hold it for 24 hours and I returned in inside 4 hours… the car drives like shit. it’s crazy stupid slow and the back seats are VERY cramped… so I was bummed because I love the way it looks and sounds, but I couldn’t be sitting in traffic knowing that I can’t whip around in a nimble way…."

So what does he do??? Glad you asked.

He bought a Bentley Flying Spur Speed. If you follow Bentley enough, that one word "Speed" makes a world of difference.

Per Ben "In 2009 they changed the front and rear bumper and upgraded the interior and motor and made the “SPEED” which is just over 600hp and fast as shit! V12 twin turbo and the interior upgrades were nice, BUT if you got the mulliner edition, then you got the perforated leather headliner and I got the NAIM sound system which is nicer than like a Bang & Olufsen system… also got the rear reclining seats…. and the best is the Mulliner brushed Aluminum dash and Mulliner sick quilted seats and doors and the rest of the wood accents are wrapped in piano black wood… and the 20″ 20 spoke “speed” wheels are a nice touch,  brand spanking new Pirelli P-Zero’s are nice too "

Based off the photos above, he chose the Charcoal Gray because they didn't have the black on black,
and he didn't want to go with white especially because his past four cars were white.

Love the air freshner

Hope he customizes it. He's thinking about doing some minor work to it after taking it to his friends at Platinum Motorsport. But until then... we'll see.

P.S. The best part about this...

Starts the car and drives off listening to Cam'ron.

Update: So the good people at Diamond Black Xteriors uploaded a video that really shows off Ben's Bentley...

Source: If&Co

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