Robinson Cano broke my heart...

Apr 30, 2010

I'm late as sin on this one...

(Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images North America) Thanks Jim for photographing this hotness...

My Ray of Sunshine on the New York Yankees, Robinson Cano bought a Range Rover Sport a few years ago. I'm sure it's the Supercharged one. Like his Escalade, he took it to Unique Autosports before they moved off of LI. Sunshine (Cano) had it customized, had his number (24) stitched into the seats, 22 inch wheels, Pirelli tires, Strut grille, smoked tail lights, Range in the front, Rover in the back. And alas, one thing just ruined it...

The Body Kit... I hate that body kit on that Range... And that's why Robinson Cano broke my heart. But it was a smart move putting 22's on it. You can easily fit 24's on any Range, however, look where Cano lives and look where he works. He lives in Jersey, and has to drive over the GWB (George Washington Bridge) to get to his job on River Ave in the South Bronx. The roads in New York, including bridges are as smooth as a rocky surface. If he would have gotten 24's, he would have to replace them as often as he gets his oil changed.

If your hometown team won some games, this is how they would celebrate. I'm so mean...

Khloe Kardashian Would Rock a Carstache...

Apr 29, 2010

(Photo by Khloe Kardashian)

So I was browsing Khloe Kardashian's blog (Like you guys don't keep up with the Kardashians), and I came across this.

As if there's not enough ways to customize your car, there's now the Carstache... Brace yourself, let me continue. According to the Carstache website, Carstache™ is the global leader in car mustaches, delivering the industry’s most luxurious in automotive facial hair.

(Photo by Carstache)

We made Carstache™ purely because we think it’s funny and it makes people smile. No other reason. When people see a Carstache™ on the streets they laugh, wave, thumbs-up, fist pump (Shout outs to New Jersey), gun flex, wink wink, kiss kiss, you name it.

Of course, Carstache is located in California. And they come in five glorious colors: Wisdom Grey (for the old timer in your life), Legendary Blond, So Hot Pink, Classic Black, and Firestache Orange.

(Photo by Carstache)

Carstaches can be purchased online for $39 at, and I'm sure Carstache will be sending Khloe a free one. She says she wants a hot pink one, but that would not match her Range...

Now, I'm not sure if they thought of this yet, but they should send promo ones to some car enthusiasts: like T.I., Snoop Dogg, Tony Stewart, Funkmaster Flex, etc. Just seeing their faces with a Carstache attached to their vehicles would be HILARIOUS!!!!!

Will Carstache be at Sema in November???

Would I put a Carstache on the 'Voy??? As eccentric as I am, I'm still going to say no. But I find the concept hilariously intriguing. If bugs get stuck in it, it'll look like when guys leave food in their mustache.

P.S. Khloe, please get one for Bruce for Father's Day...

Riding Music: T.I. is Welcoming You Back to the Trap

(Photo by Jonathan Mannion... the Great)

The Rays of Sunshine at Grand Hustle believe in building anTIcipaTIon (I did that on purpose). I say that because first T.I. released I'm Back, then he released the trailer to his upcoming mixtape with DJ MLK and DJ Drama, THEN he released part 2 of the trailer, NOW they release the track "Welcome Back to the Trap" off of F' A Mixtape (Gotta keep it clean since Moms reads the blog, but she'll be the first one to ask for her copy of the mixtape).

Of course, I'm not one to lie, but "Welcome Back" has to grow on me. I don't hate it, it's not like "56 Bars" (Bernie's personal favorite T.I.P. song), however I'll play it in the 'Voy. But what do I know, I'm just a Yankee...

Anyway, you can listen below to the original version. I don't believe in playing edited music. It's pointless and this is not a radio station's blog. To download the song, click on the photo above, and it'll take you to MLK's page where you can choose between the Original version or the Edited version...

This Lexus Made My Eyes Twinkle

Apr 28, 2010

So at the Dub Car Show in Memphis, I ran into the car that I absolutely loved... So pretty, and if it was 2005, I'm sure Cam'ron would have been all over this big-bodied Lexus.

I'm all for protecting the innocent, so I blurred out Sunshine's license plate, as well as not putting Sunshine in any of the photos. He's a nice guy from Memphis, but his Lexus has Florida Plates. He let me do whatever I want to get the type of photos I needed, just as long as I didn't put him in the photos. I wonder if he would have let me taken this out on a little test drive...
I was so in awe I forgot to ask him what model is the car. From a glance, it appears to be the Lexus LS460. I doubt it's the hybrid line cause dudes don't really check for hybrids.

Of course, he had the cover for the engine parts that matched the exterior of the vehicle.

Then he has it sitting on 24 inch Davins, still color matched...

Let's go around back, shall we??? Smoked out tail lights!!!

Now, let's head inside. I love the attention to detail. Nothing was left out...

Pink dashboard, slightly darker pink carpet, pink ostrich accents, pink ostrich seats with lavender suede accents, lavender seat belts and the buckle is pink... Let's jump in the back.

I see some TVs, some remotes, even put a center console in the back to make it strictly a four passenger vehicle.

Now here's the funny part. This was his first car show and someone submitted his car into the show. I think he can make a lot of noise in Atlanta with this car, and I'm trying to bring him over here to compete in NOPI cause with this car, he can definitely place.

As much as I love this vehicle, especially the way it was customized, how clean it is and the attention to detail, would I have owned a vehicle exactly like this??? No, and two reasons why I wouldn't. One: it's pink. Yes I'm a girl, but not all chicks like pink. Two: This would get too much attention, and I get enough of that pushing my 'Voy...

I still love this Lex though...

Ridin Music: Lil' Kim "Oh Let's Do It" (Freestyle)

Apr 27, 2010

So Lil' Kim decided to record and release a freestyle over the Waka Flocka track "Oh Let's Do It". I actually liked it, it's featured in the Ridin Music section, and it's bumping in the Envoy as we speak. Of course, it's not like it was Track 9 off of her "Hardcore" album, (Let's be real, she could never beat that song).

Anyway, if you like it, you can download "Lil' Kim's Oh Let's Do It (Freestyle)"

I honestly think she should stick to mixtapes and features. I gotta be harder on my New Yorkers, it's called Tough Love...

P.S. Remember when Quiet Storm (Remix) came out... and Funkmaster Flex dropped 82 bombs on one rotation??? It wasn't 82 bombs but you know what I'm saying.

Ridin Music: 11 Years Ago Today, This Album Came Out...

This is very much DITC (Diggin In The Crates), but this album is very much alive in my Envoy. I'm not being biased, but this is the greatest compilation album. Sadly, the volumes that followed it, didn't match Volume 1. Just being honest...

April 27, 1999 Ruff Ryders' Ryde or Die Vol. 1 hit the stores. The entire Ruff Ryder family, as well as Jay-Z, Juvenile, Nokio, Beanie Sigal, Jermaine Dupri, Mase, and Big Pun appeared on the album. 15 tracks, two skits, and a whole lotta production from Swizz Beatz. From Styles P claiming he's "your favorite rapper's favorite rapper" to my favorite track on the whole CD, Track 7 "I'm A Ruff Ryder" by Parle' (Note: Where are those guys???), it did not disappoint me at all.

Seeing how I didn't get my license to 2002 (New York has different driving laws than the South), but since then, Ryde or Die Vol 1 has lived in my vehicles.

Such a good CD... What up 'Kiss?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Marcus and his 2007 Robocop Whip...

Apr 26, 2010

Like Benetria's car, I'm not a fan of the Pontiac Grand Prix, but I loved what Marcus did to it. For a minute, I forgot it was a Grand Prix. He transformed it, and made a Prix interesting. If you look at the front end, it looks like a factory Prix but with some rims on it. But then.... Once you work your way to the back, it looks like a totally different vehicle. He took the door off like it was nothing. Speakers are still attached to the door. Look at the detail... Bananas. I'm telling you, the Panhandle loves themselves some Dub Wheels... His Prix is sitting on 24s. Let's step inside. It's customized but it's still factory, and most importantly, it's clean. He left it, but he changed a few things. I see a navigational system, TV in the headliner. He left the seats as is, but it fits. Even though the speaker look like it has been chipped, it's okay. That's why you don't let just anyone ride with you, especially if they ain't use to nothing. The amps were hidden by the backseats, but he wanted to show it off, and who can blame him. And he had the Robocop comic books on the back window ledge. The sun did get to the covers though... Listen to what Marcus has to say.... And I'm anxious to see what else he's gonna do to it. And I told him to bring it up to Atlanta for some car shows here. This could make a lot of noise in Nopi...

Recapping 2010 Dub Car Show In Memphis

Apr 23, 2010

First things first, who ever inforces the rules/laws at the Cook Convention Center in Downtown Memphis needs to be FIRED and this is why. Why would you come up with a stupid law about how you're not allowing cameras with lenses longer than three inches?!?!?!?!? Then I have to fight with security just to get in, and THEN you'se didn't run that dumb, IGNORANT rule by the folks at Dub. HOW IS IT HARDER TO COVER THE DUB CAR SHOW IN MEMPHIS, A MUCH SMALLER CITY, THAN IT IS TO COVER THE DUB CAR SHOW IN ATLANTA, WHICH IS CONSIDERED A MAJOR CITY. To the "City" (and I use that term very loosely) of Memphis, get your stuff together and I'mma need you to do better.

Sorry, but I did get very New York to get into the car show. But I wanted to go to Memphis to see how they do things, meaning their style of customizing cars. I did find a car that made my eyes twinkle, and the car will get it's own separate post, but now it's time for me to pick the cars apart.

The Bubble Starbust Chevy Impala...

Loved it!!!! Love the graphics, love the interior.

The doors were locked, but I understand why because there were a lot of kids there and with kids brings fingerprints, dirty hands, and messing this up. I think that the owner could have: A: Been nearby so I could have asked him some questions about it, and B: Color match the 24s. Take it a step further. Just sayin...

I hope Otis Jackson's platform is to rid Memphis of it's ignorant laws like the length of lens that you bring into the Cook Convention Center. I'm over it.

The Purple and Black Chevy Avalanche.

Love how the graphics of the truck continue into the grille. But what I didn't like is how the interior could have used some more work. Yeah, it has the purple ostrich seats with black suede inserts, but what about the dashboard and the center console, and the poor lonely chrome 26 inch Street Spin Wheels. And again, where was the owner???

The GMC Yukon with the 30 inch wheels in which I have to get a running start to land on the running boards.

I'm all for it when people customize their vehicles in honor of their favorite sports team. Of course, I'm not into Pittsburgh anything. Don't blame me, some of the Western Commonwealth Folks don't act right, and like I stated earlier in this post, I don't reward ignorance. So, so true.

Will had a heavy presence there. Tennessee is the home of Dewayne Robertson of the New York Jets, more specifically Orange Mound, Memphis. So Dewayne loves his neighborhood and decided to paint every single one of his vehicles Orange. How do I know this??? Because most of his vehicles have been on Unique Whips and has been done by Will Castro. Like this one...

And I know Will did it because look at the emblem on the Grille...

Finally, the second runner up, that gave me short-term sparkle... The Chrysler 300 SRT-8.

Lexani wheels with Lexani written on the lip.

Color matched grille, color matched engine performance options, halogen blue lights, subtile body kit, everything was perfect, except for one thing. The owner was no where to be found.

Louisville loves Pirelli Tires, South Georgia/Northern Florida loves Dub Wheels, and Memphis loves to customize their vehicles and then abandon them at car shows. But the person who customized my favorite vehicle at the show stayed by his Lexus and I could see why. Coming soon is the Pink Lexus that I'm sure Cam'ron would have borrowed in 2005.

Project: Jason's at it again...

Apr 22, 2010

Tanqueray, yes the liquor, started a lifestyle blog called We Resist Simple. They talk to 14 individuals-- scratch that. They talk to 14 tastemakers, that sounds better, in different areas of entertainment. The two guys who's blogs that I read off of the site, are my favorite photographer in the whole wide world, Jonathan Mannion and co-CEO/Owner of Grand Hustle Records, Jason Geter.

(Photo from

I can remember when I first meet a lot of people. I can't do the dates, but I can remember when and where. I met Jason over a year ago, outside of his shop, Striver's Row. I remember the conversation we had about how small the Macy's is in the Parkchester section in the Bronx, totally random, but you know if it involves me, it'll be random.

(Photo from

According to his blog Jason has two old school vehicles, 1968 Chevy Camaro SS and a 1971 Chevy Chevelle SS (I told you Grand Hustle loves themselves some heavy engine vehicles...), and he's getting them restored. I didn't say customized because there's a difference between customized and restored, and judging by Jason's photos, there's some restoration being done.

(Photo from

I can't say much cause work is still being done, but the next time I see him, I will ask about the cars, see if I can go to the shop and take some photos, and once the vehicles are done, I'll see if I can get a shoot out of him. The shoot won't be for awhile, seeing how both of the guys Jason manages has albums coming out this year. I know I'm asking for a lot.

Will Castro Teaches Nicki Minaj How To Drive A Lamborghini Murciélago.

Apr 21, 2010

I'm honest predicting a Will Castro's School of Driving in the near future. And if he does, I'm highly suggesting a Memphis campus, because they need it.

Anyway, Will caught up with Nicki at the BET Spring Bling and taught her how to burn rubber in the mean streets of Florida in a Lamborghini Murciélago.

(Video from Unique Autosports' Youtube Channel)

Don't be surprised if you see a Unique Driving School or a Unique Defensive Driving Course in the near future...

Benetria and her Donk...

Apr 20, 2010

... As in car, get your mind out of the gutter.

Like I said in a previous post, I went to the 2010 King of Kingz Easter Car Show. I was a little frustrated because of the messiness in the customization of the cars. The first car I saw that I loved, was an 1987 Chevy Caprice Classic, owned by Florida's Own, Benetria.

With how my mind works with customized cars, I don't have to like a particular vehicle. But I can always love what a person does to a vehicle. I'm not into the whole Donk, Box, and Bubble Cars, but if a person puts a lot of love and creativity into it, I will love it and feature it.

I liked it because it was well put together, and it was clean... Nothing was cracked, torn, or frayed.

Pink Candy coated Paint (I'm a sucker for some candy coated paint. It could be puke green and I love it), Lambo Doors, and 24 inch Dub Wheels (South GA/North FL Favorite), the grille looks like it's the original grille, but they re-chromed it.

Let's Step Inside...

Candy Coated Dashboard, Reconstructed steering wheel, TVs in the visors with the outside part of the visor matching the paint, matching pink floormats, gray leather seats with pink piping and inserts with "Hood Rich" stitched into the headrests.

32 inch TV on the passenger side with Playstation 3, iPod connection, complete audio system, TVs coming out the headliner.

Look at the doors: There's no glue anywhere in sight.

I wished that they would have continued the candy coated accents to the trunk around the system. Honestly, that would have completed the vehicle. I know, I'm picky. But watch the interview.

I like it.

Bernie's Favorite: Monica driving on the sidewalk in the streets of Atlanta...

Apr 19, 2010

I found the video!!! After searching for it, I found the video of R&B singer, Monica driving on the sidewalk in downtown Atlanta.

(Courtesy of Please fast forward to 1:00 to see it...

Now, I know I learned how to drive in NY, I speed, I tailgate at times, I have too many points on my license, I've been in a rush before, I understand the saying "You gotta do what you gotta do"... but goodness Monica... Thank god, that car didn't have rims.

I see why she traded that S550 for the R class. And if I would have tried that, APD (Atlanta Police Department) would have put me under the jail, as in State Property.

Next on Deck for Bernie

Apr 16, 2010

Short Post!!!

This weekend, I'll be in Memphis for the Dub Car Show, and I will be interviewing folks about their cars.

Next weekend, I'll be heading out to Augusta for the Greg Street Celebrity Car Show.

That's all for now, but I'll be bringing you some more photos and some interviews.

Stay tuned...

Bernie's Take On Body Kits.

Apr 15, 2010

To me, I look at Body Kits like a XXL tube top. Just because they make it in your size, doesn’t mean that it’ll look good on you.

350Z with a body kit.

After going to enough car shows and reading many magazine, you know what type of vehicles look good with body kits. Small cars, such as microcars (Smart Cars), Sub Compact (Chevy Cobalt) Compact vehicles (Toyota Corolla), Mid-size (Honda Accent), Sports cars, Muscle Cars would look good with a body kit. Some luxury cars look good with a body kit- like a Mercedes CLS 500 with a subtle Lorinser body kit. Bentley Continentals with a body kit look terrible. I’m sorry, but it cheapens the vehicle. It looks horrendous. I love Bentley Continentals as much as the next person, if not more. But if the body kit was offered factory, I would never get it. I would treat it like a Chevy Aveo… and that’s bad.

Need I say more???

Need I say more???

Any SUV looks bad with a body kit. Point blank. Even an Envoy with a Body Kit, a Yukon Denali looks bad with a body kit, even a Range Rover Sport will look bad with a body kit. I’m sure that the new Nissan Juke will look bad with a body kit. I’m all for enhancing your vehicle’s appearance, I love it. But if you’re all for making your vehicle look ugly… I will let you know about it.

(I'm crying as we speak.)

P.S. Minivans and body kits are just as bad as SUVs and Body kits.
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