Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2022 Stuntfest Car Show Weekend

May 16, 2022

On April 27th, the Stuntworld guys held their famous Stuntfest weekend. So the weekend went as follows: Wednesday and Thursday, there was a hangout before heading to the club. Friday was a day party/shootout at a racetrack followed by clubbing.... which means the first three days, I was no where to be found.

I emerged Saturday, April 30th, for their block party because it's always a great time. I got to see cars I've never seen before, which means I have no reason to complain.

So the next day was the grand finale, which is the actual car show. Held at the Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds, GA (which is over 100 miles from my house, but I'm always determined to go because I know it's going to be worth it.) It was crowded, but the amazing part about it is... as often as I go to Stuntfest, there were STILL cars that I've never seen before. Needless to say, I had no reason to complain... except for the heat. I'm not built for hot weather.

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