Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2021 Stuntfest Car Show

Apr 30, 2021

The United States is kind of moving towards a sense of normalcy, which does include events. Car shows took a hit last year but this year, they're starting to come back.  

April 14th was the kickoff to the famous Stuntfest weekend. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday is always dedicated to clubs and bowling, which I never participate in since I'm an introvert. Saturday, April 17th was the Stuntfest Block Party, which was held at a random, but somewhat spacious lot in downtown Atlanta. I've been going to the Stuntfest Block Parties for years and I've never seen it so packed. 

First of all, it was crowded. Some people who didn't care about cars did come, but it was mostly those who love cars and they brought their cars out. However, the space became too small for the amount of cars that showed up. People tried parking on the sidewalks, but that was short lived once APD showed up and started towing cars away.

The next day was the main event, which was the show itself. Stuntfest has gotten bigger and bigger throughout the years, which means this year was the largest I've seen it. It was held at Silver Dollar Raceway in Reynolds, GA (sidenote: that was probably the most action Reynolds has seen all year). It was crowded, but the crazy part about it is... the majority of the cars were vehicles that either I've never seen before, or I've seen them at other shows. No matter what, I had no reason to complain.

Enough talking because I know you rather see some photos... 

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