Cartunes of Atlanta Presents: iPod and Bluetooth by mObridge

Nov 29, 2011

The guys at CarTunes of Atlanta always take time out of their busy days to offer advice about new technology that they manage to get their hands on. This time around, they're educating you about the iPod and Bluetooth by mObridge. This is what they had to say:

Ever catch yourself wishing that you didn’t have to listen to those same CD’s in your CD changer, or wish you could keep both hands on the wheel while making a phone call.
Now you can, with the mObridge iPod and Bluetooth Interface. This allows you to listen and control your iPod as well as send and receive phone calls all through your factory system. Several new BMW, Mercedes, Land Rover, Porsche, and Audi vehicles have complicated audio systems using fiber optic technology. The mObridge unit seemlessly interfaces with all these complicated electronics allowing for a clean integration of your iPod and Bluetooth Handsfree phone. It even allows Bluetooth streaming audio for you Pandora listeners out there.

For more information about Mobridge, log onto their site at

5 Best Cars at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show According to Ghost Motorsports

The guys at Ghost Motorsports had the pleasure of going to the Los Angeles Auto Show which just wrapped up two days ago. After careful consideration, they gave an impressive list of their top 5 cars based on what they saw at the show.

After a year of anticipation, just as we thought the world was ending, the 2011 LA Auto Show is back in action! As with previous years, the event has been a huge success and automotive manufacturers are gaining massive exposure for their newest creations. In particular, 5 vehicles stand out from the crowd:

1) 2012 Mercedes ML63 — Sporting the new 5.5-liter, twin-turbocharged powerplant now found in the E63, CLS63 and other models, Mercedes-Benz has turned an already fast SUV into a rocket ship. Not only are track times improved, but the twin-turbocharged engine will surely increase towing capacity. Range Rover, Porsche, BMW and others should be shaking in their boots.

2) 2013 Shelby GT500 — A Mustang with more horsepower/torque than exotic cars… and it’s from the factory? Yes! The new 2013 Shelby Gt500 Mustang boasts a whopping 650 bhp and 600 lb.-ft. of torque. If that doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.

3) 2012 Jaguar XKR-S — Taking the sporty XKR to another level, the XKR-S is for true performance enthusiasts. Power was increased to 550 bhp and a much sportier, aggressive aerodynamics kit has been added.

4) 2012 Audi S7 — If you’re an Audi enthusiast, you know the S-models mean business. Kicking a luxury sedan up a notch, Audi stuffed a twin-turbo, 4.0-liter V8 engine under the hood, which is a pleasant upgrade from the 3.0-liter supercharged engine found in the A7. The S7 spits out 420 bhp and nearly the same torque.

5) Subaru BRZ Concept STI — Subaru WRX owners who’ve wanted a more sporty 2-seater have had their prayers answered. Unfortunately power numbers haven’t been released, but the fact that it’s rear wheel drive is quite promising.

The car that was listed at number 2 should have been higher. Just sayin.... But it's safe to say that the guys at Ghost Motorsport love for their cars to have horsepower.

MC Customs Shows Off Drew Soren's Matte Black Nissan GTR

(Love the Elvis wig)

Drew Soren happens to be a relief pitcher for the Washington Nationals. We all know I had to google him because the rule is: if Joe Girardi doesn't manage them, then I don't have the slightest clue of who they are. Like 80% of the MLB players, he brought his Nissan GTR to MC Customs where they gave it first class treatment.

Doesn't it look great!!!!

"All About Audi" featuring Maino

(He may have tilted his head towards the sky, but he's leaning on a Lambo, thus keeping with the theme to this blog)

The All About Audi web-series continues, this time it's with Maino, the Brooklyn bred rapper who brought you "Hi Haters". Like the previous episode with Jim Jones, Maino had the luxury of leaving tire skidmarks all over the streets of Midtown Manhattan (34th Street and 9th Ave. It's really Hell's Kitchen to be specific), while driving a 2012 Audi A7. Check out the video below, and then, I will give my usual blunt, yet logical commentary.

If anyone has ears who watched it, the first thing that was wrong was the quality of the audio. However, I will give credit because Maino actually explored more of the features of the car. First he tested the horsepower, which did impress him. During the joyride, Maino decides to tinker with Audi's Drive Select feature which allowed him to change the suspension of the car right then and there.

However the complaints that I have of this episode still carried over from the previous episode: It was more of "The Day in the Life of Maino" and less about the car. Yes, Maino did explore the features of the car more than Jim Jones, but the amount of time that was discussed about the car was all of 9 seconds. But at the end of the day, what does watch and sneaker shopping have to do with a 2012 Audi?

Basically, I'm saying that I wasn't impressed with this episode, even though I am a fan of Maino.

*Note: Start praying that the episode featuring Jadakiss is a stronger episode than this one*

Car Show Coverage: Bernie's Picks from the LA Auto Show

Nov 21, 2011

Since the Lakers aren't doing anything, they were gracious enough for the LA Auto Show to be held at the Staples Center. Anyway, since 1909 LA has had the Auto Show and as each year progressed, it grew to be one of the most important auto shows in the world. Thousands upon thousands get to feast their eyes on the such debuts like the 2013 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 Convertible, 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Yellow Jacket, 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee, 2012 Jaguar XKR-S Convertible, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, my new lover- the 2013 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 and my new in-laws- the 2013 Ford Mustang GT and Boss 302 Edition Mustang.

When you don't go to an auto show, you're forced to see what other news outlets covered. Sadly, some of the LA news outlets can't cover a car show to save their life and I'm wondering how they got the passes to begin with. But thankfully, folks like, Dub Magazine, and, I was able to find out what showed up and what photos were produced. And the part of the show I thoroughly enjoy, although it would have been better if I was there, photos from different news sources and my commentary.

Sadly Chevrolet decided to unveil the Chevy Camaro ZL1 Convertible the same year that Ford releases the 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Now, the Shelby is lighter, faster, and avoids the gas guzzler tax unlike the Camaro. So I'm rolling with my boy-toy, the 2013 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500. Is it bad that every time I type out his full name, I have a stupid looking grin on my face? Some folks like the weight and the larger size of the Camaro, but I've driven both and I adore the performance of the Ford Mustang to the Chevy Camaro, Jadakiss sounds better coming out of a Mustang, and Ford was smart enough to hire Derek Jeter as a Spokesmodel. Need I say more?

The only difference I see with the Ford Flex, is a little minor tweaking in the front. I don't know if they did any tinkering with the performance and the interior. One thing I can say about it, it's a very deceiving vehicle. It doesn't look big on the outside, but when you step inside and drive it, it's very spacious. I didn't drive it far enough to give it a great performance grade, but yes it is roomy.

After seeing these photos, if you want a Jaguar XKR-S Coupe, you will be S.O.L. since they've been sold out since the announcement of them coming to the States. (Note: Only 25 were coming to the US.) Specs include a supercharged 5.0-liter V8 rated at 550 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque. With a standard six-speed paddle-shifted automatic, acceleration to 60 mph from a standstill takes just 4.2 seconds. Top speed is 186 mph and the MSRP is sitting at $138,875. The 25 people who ordered this are some lucky folks, because this is a cute car.

The one vehicle that will do GREAT in Atlanta... According to the AJC, food trucks are becoming more and more popular. So to restaurant owners looking for a new food truck, the Nissan NV2500 HD is the truck for you. (Note: If I was in LA at the time at this show, I probably would have spent more time at this food truck. I'm a fat girl trapped in a curvy body.)

I was a bit confused by the Infiniti JX. Infiniti claims that it's designed to fall between the FX and the QX but the size appears to be a smidgen smaller than the QX. It's almost like it's pointless. If you're going to make multiple SUV's, make sure there's a sizeable difference between them. The Infiniti FX and EX are extremely too close in size, then the Infiniti QX and JX are almost twins as well. Then again, Infiniti is a division of Nissan and I'm still trying to figure out a major difference between the Rogue and the Murano.

The Surprise Design of the Show: The 2013 Ford Escape. I'm happy that they followed the design of the Ford Explorer, and applied it to the former fugly Ford Escape. It looks better than the previous designs, but I would still rather the Edge over the Escape. hit the nail on the head when they said that "the new Escape looks like a super-sized Focus."

My pick for the Concept Car and I have my fingers crossed for it to make it to production... The Jaguar C-X16 Concept. If it does make it to the production line, it would be a hybrid with 468 horsepower and 505 lb-ft torque, which is good for a 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 186 mph. Impressive...

However, Land Rover needs to go back to the drawing board for that DC100 Concept. Sorry, but that thing is ugly. You can't even defend it by saying "it was the angle that was photo was taken". Sadly, that angle above was the most flattering angle and that's not saying much... AT All. Motor Trend said that the DC100 was one of the cars that was under a sheet, well, Land Rover should have left the sheet over it.

At first glance, I said "Oh, a Lotus", but apparently this is a Mastretta MXT, built on the same platform as a Lotus. When you look at this car, you automatically assume that it's a fast car, well think again. The specs read as follows, The current powertrain is a 2.0-liter turbocharged affair, good for 247 horsepower at 5,200 rpm and 257 pound-feet of torque peaking at 3,950 rpm. I get more horsepower out of my Envoy. Nuff said.

Of course, Dub Magazine wasn't too far behind and they had their area as well... I'm not going to say much about their photos because most of those cars were at SEMA and plus it's obvious that they used photoshop because they used the "Sharpen" tool a little too much...

(This is NOT Justin Beiber's car)

(The Escalade from Long Island that I saw at SEMA)

(We all know they were going to come)

God I love looking at great looking cars. Is that a legitimate job title "Person who looks at hot cars?" That sounds as busy as "Famous for doing nothing". I meant it when I said that the LA Lakers aren't doing anything, because you and I both know that the New York Yankees will be back to work long before the Lakers.

P.S. Chrysler was kind of quiet at this show... Other than the Dodge Challenger SRT8 392 Yellow Jacket, the Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee, and the Fiat 500 Abarth. And those three cars were just special editions.

Butler Tire Customizes a Dodge Challenger... And it's For Sale.

The guys at Butler Tire worked their magic to fully customize a 2010 Dodge Challenger and they're selling it. Let's run through the specs first...

Make: A beautiful, gently used 2010 Dodge Challenger

Mileage: less than 7400 Miles

Engine: 6.1-liter SRT® HEMI® V8

HP: 500hp

Torque: 500lb-ft of torque

Left Wheels: Asanti ELT VF601

Right Wheels: Asanti C/X 504 Concave

Wheel Size Front: 24x9

Wheel Size Rear: 24x14

Tire Size Front: 275.25.24

Tire Size Rear: 405.25.24

Body: Asanti Wide Body Kit

Accessories: Asanti Grille Kit

Exhaust: Corsa Extreme Exhaust

Intake: K&N Cold Air Intake

Software: Predator Diablo Software

Engine Upgrade: Airade Throttle Body

Warranty: 3 Year Factory Warranty

Now, Butler Tire was nice enough to tell you up front what you will be getting with this car. It does have low mileage for its age. Including customizations, warranties, etc, they're selling it for $65,000. Contact them at 770.973.8622 to find out more about this vehicle and to schedule a test drive. Serious inquiries only please and by serious, I mean you have a sizable down payment and is 100% positive that this particular car is the one you want. And if you look at it, this car is valued at $35,000 without the customizations, and you and I both know that the customizations are valued more than $30,000.

Al & Ed's Autosound Worked Their Magic on a Bugatti Veyron...

And it is the most gorgeous Bugatti I've seen...
Good news everyone. This Bugatti is for sale and for a mere $1.4 million, it could be yours. I don't know who this Dirk A. Photography is, but he took some great photos.

Forgiato grants us a sneak peak at their new high end line

The ever so popular Forgiato wheels, has extended their product line to include "Forgiato 2.0", a high performance luxury line of wheels. They released 5 wheel designs, and take a look for yourself.






And the F2.06

I'm rolling with the F2.05. Those look niiiiiccccceeeee.... Those would look great on a Ford Shelby Super Snake...
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