MC Customs Shows off Victor Martinez's H2...

Nov 9, 2011

I admit, I had to google Victor Martinez because if his boss doesn't have the last name of Steinbrenner, then I could care less. Well, apparently he is the Detroit Tigers designated hitter, and he took his Hummer to MC Customs in Miami to see what they could do to it. Following my favorite color scheme in the entire world (Black, White, and Chrome), they completed it with almost a job well done. Check out the photos to see why I said what I said.

I really do hate body kits on vehicles larger than a midsize car. I think it looks dumb as all hell. Aside from that horrible kit, this is honestly one of the best looking fully customized H2s I've ever seen. I love the scenery of the shoot, just that damn body kit ruined it for me. Again, this is personal preference...

Pardon my mouth, I just don't like body kits on bigger vehicles.

Photos: MC

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