Bernie's Car Show Coverage: SEMA 2011 (Day 2)

Nov 11, 2011

Luckily SEMA's so large that you need more than a day to see everything, and sometimes with the time you alloted to see things, it's still not enough time. I continued my second day (SEMA's third) by doing what I do best-- take photos. Check out Bernie's SEMA Coverage...

(The cutest Scion xB ever... if you look closely, they crystalized certain parts of the car.)

(Like the tail light)

(Still love this magazine. Sometimes you get tired of the same automotive magazines that showcase mediocre photography. Just saying my own personal opinion...)

(Lowriders making an appearance. But there weren't as many as there were last year. Almost disappointing.)

(Fully customized Kicker-Sponsored car, complete with clear trunk door to showcase the mini-waterfall. It's not the first time I've seen a waterfall inside of a vehicle, but it's not common. Love the detail in the black paint.)

(YES!!! The car I've been waiting to talk about. The latest model Dodge Charger, painted matte black but with glossy black dual racing stripes. And did I mention that it was completely blacked out.)

(This particular Fiat was popular. The matte olive green forced people (including me) to stop in their tracks)

(Now this car was very popular. It had to be one of the most popular cars outside. I hated the cheap linoleum flooring that the car was parked on. Should have just left it parked on the concrete.)

(The owner of this Nissan is a Japanese guy, so don't let the crystals fool you. So cute...)

(And they weren't kidding. Don't believe me?)

(Chevy took a Z71, the one with the most horsepower, and used it as a canvas for a history lesson)

(And West Coast Customs bought my boyfriend- the Tron themed Audi R8. And he looks even better in person, I was willing to take this off of their hands. Note: My lover is that Ford Super Snake by Galpin Auto Sports)

(For about 5 minutes, I wanted her job.)

So, the customization shop with the most impact on the entire show, wasn't Platinum Motorsports or Galpin Auto Sports, but it was actually West Coast Customs. WCC took out an entire section of the South Hall and not only showed off their projects, but had a DJ playing more house music than what I cared to hear (note: not everyone from Long Island fist pumps. Don't let Jersey Shore fool you.) as well as WCC held classes.)

(They bought Will.I.Am's interesting car that I've talked about before)

(And they bought the customization car that's been in the news lately- Justin Bieber's Batmobile)

(WCC had four classes going on- Interior, Electronics, Wheels and Tires, and the safest class to take when you have nails: Wrapping a car using vinyl. Surprise, surprise, I was the only girl in the class. But above happens to be one of my instructors, who sadly had on a Boston Red Sox hat.)

(The guys jumped at their chance to wrap a vehicle the West Coast Customs way, but I had to get my hands on some vinyl, and I did. I actually wrapped the right side (aka the side that's closer to you guys) of the lower front hood. P.S. West Coast Customs was filming their show at SEMA, so don't be surprised if you see me)

(To continue with my point about models, I'm well aware that most people aren't like Status Wheels and don't have a budget to hire Playboy Playmates (like Miss February of 2009: Jessica Burciaga). Get your mind out of the gutter, I only knew who she was because she was on Girls Next Door)

(Mad Mike made my day. And he is just as charismatic in person as he is on TV)

(Chevy's Hot Wheel edition Camaros were very poopular. I love the paint job, hate the color...)

(Blink 182 has their own edition of a Honda Civic. A part of me thinks that groups/solo acts that have longevity should have their own special edition of a car.)

(Gorgeous... Burgundy Chromed Ford Mustang and it's not even the Super Snake.)

(The Bugatti Veyron brought to you by Platinum Motorsports. The black and white combo looks great, I'm not a big fan of the red.)

(This is the shopping cart I need when I go to Walmart, Target, Ikea, etc...)

To see the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's SEMA (Day 2) gallery at And Vegas... See you next year!!!

P.S. And you know I had to get the video of Justin Bieber's car...

I blame a cross between bad nerves and having my hands full when recording the video. But who else has the video?

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