"All About Audi" featuring Maino

Nov 29, 2011

(He may have tilted his head towards the sky, but he's leaning on a Lambo, thus keeping with the theme to this blog)

The All About Audi web-series continues, this time it's with Maino, the Brooklyn bred rapper who brought you "Hi Haters". Like the previous episode with Jim Jones, Maino had the luxury of leaving tire skidmarks all over the streets of Midtown Manhattan (34th Street and 9th Ave. It's really Hell's Kitchen to be specific), while driving a 2012 Audi A7. Check out the video below, and then, I will give my usual blunt, yet logical commentary.

If anyone has ears who watched it, the first thing that was wrong was the quality of the audio. However, I will give credit because Maino actually explored more of the features of the car. First he tested the horsepower, which did impress him. During the joyride, Maino decides to tinker with Audi's Drive Select feature which allowed him to change the suspension of the car right then and there.

However the complaints that I have of this episode still carried over from the previous episode: It was more of "The Day in the Life of Maino" and less about the car. Yes, Maino did explore the features of the car more than Jim Jones, but the amount of time that was discussed about the car was all of 9 seconds. But at the end of the day, what does watch and sneaker shopping have to do with a 2012 Audi?

Basically, I'm saying that I wasn't impressed with this episode, even though I am a fan of Maino.

*Note: Start praying that the episode featuring Jadakiss is a stronger episode than this one*

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