Bernie's Car Show Coverage: SEMA 2011 (Day 1)

Nov 9, 2011

I made my triumphant return to Vegas for SEMA. It was my second year there, and I did things a little different so I would have a more productive visit there. So, the airline prices were a little high and I decided to fly to LAX and get a car and drive to Vegas. I've done it before and I'm sure it won't be my last time doing it. My car for the time being happened to be a Nissan Rogue and it was so cute, even though it wasn't the Ford Mustang 5.0 GT I had before.

I dragged myself out of bed early (remember I'm programmed to be on East Coast time) and I arrived to SEMA to get my media pass, take advantage of the free media breakfast, and headed outside before the shuttles came so I can get some photos. I know you don't care about my day, so onto the photos...

Before the photos, I did give a sneak preview by using the camera on my phone. But now, these photos are straight from my DSLR, with some commentary...

(Lexani brought some toys with them)

(And you know Platinum Motorsports was too far behind with the #PML tag on their cars)

(Hipnotic Wheels had a Mercedes Benz wearing my favorite wheels from their line)

(Asanti showed off not only their wheels, but their grilles as well.)

(This is a Chrysler 300 with a Chevy Camaro front bumper)

(Check out the Diabla themed interior)

(And the trunk too...)

(The Tony Stewart Chevy Camaro that Mobil Oil showed off. Check out the video on my YouTube Channel)

(Another reason I like SEMA, they use real models- girls that look good, not girls who are lied to by two guys who claim that they "look good". Not sure of what I mean- go to any car show in the Southeastern part of the US. No car show model should look rough. I really need to start my car show modeling agency)

(The Chrysler Sebring Convertible that's being converted into a Bentley Continental GT... well the exterior anyway)

(There were Bentleys, there were Phantoms and Ghosts, there were Lamborghinis, and there were Escalades. But THIS CAR stole my heart away, like I was plotting ways to take this off of Galpin Auto Sports' hands. And they saw how I was eying it too. If it came to down to Robinson Cano or this Super Snake, I would go for.... Cano and ask him to buy me a Super Snake.)

(Crying with bottom lip quivering)

(Then to make matters worse, Galpin Auto Sports parked the Ford Mustang Boss Edition next to it. I can't win...)


(Japanese anime wrapped onto an Infiniti)

(Detailed shot. So cute...)

(Giovanna Wheels had a great booth)


(This Swift Escalade can provide plenty of entertainment)

(Matte colors were pretty popular at SEMA, but not just the generic black and charcoal grey. Olive Green surprisingly looked good.)

(Some nice engine work)

(The airbrushing looks so lifelike)

(You know I have to end on a high note and we know what this license plate stands for.)

I have a lot more photos in my gallery, so check out Bernie's SEMA Photos, Day One at

Stay tuned for Bernie's SEMA Photos Day 2

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