Bernie's Favorite: Jim Jones + Manhattan + 2012 Audi = ____________

Nov 7, 2011

See for yourself below....

The first installment of All About Audi is done, where they take four New Yorkers, self employed by the music industry and allow them to drive around in a brand spankin new Audi, from Atlantic Audi in West Islip, Long Island, NY *coughs* (Still surprised about West Islip allowing this) Once I get done with the video is done, then I'll let you know what I think.

The video looked good, and it was stronger than the content. From an automotive standpoint, it felt like "The Day and the Life of Jim Jones" and they gave him an Audi to drive around in. It was very much less about the Audi, plus it was obvious that the "voice over guy" (I wouldn't call him a narrator as slow as he was reading. Even I speak faster than that.) It was cool, mainly because it was Jim Jones which kept my interest.

"I'm gonna make the A8 the new car", says Jones. Best part was when Jimmy struggled a little to park the car. But he admitted that the best feature about it was the voice navigational system and that it was his first time pushing an Audi. All in all, he seemed to be impressed, but the dude riding with him didn't ask him too many questions about the car (which means he probably didn't know too much). The passenger was more interested in being seen with Jimmy than to ask about the car.

Now, at the end, Jim stated that he wondered if the purpose of this was to just drive it or to buy one. Well...

He ended up buying one from Atlantic Audi and taking it to 819 Customs in Deer Park, Long Island, New York (A town over from where I grew up). And I just added 819 Customs to my radar...

P.S. You know I love New York rappers *smiles*. Balllllliiiiiinnnnnn......

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