Update: DUB Magazine releases the 2012 Car Show Schedule

Nov 15, 2011

In the new multi-cover issue of DUB magazine, Dub released a schedule for their 2012 tour stop dates and they made some changes. I love how the cover I received has Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, and for ONCE, he kept his shirt down. But since then, Dub has updated the schedule.

For the better, they cut out Atlanta... Check out the list below.

*New: January 25-29: Houston, TX
January 28- February 6: Philadelphia, PA (Philly Auto Show)
*New: February 25- March 4: Cleveland, OH
March 25: Anaheim, Cali
April 13-15: New York, NY (New York International Auto Show)
May 5: Memphis, Tenn
May 20: Dallas, TX
June 3: Houston, TX
*New: June 23: Charlotte, NC
July 14: Chicago, IL
August 26: Los Angeles, Cali
September 30: Miami, FL
October 6: Phoenix, AZ (Formally October 7)
Octover 30- November 3: Las Vegas, NV (SEMA)

*Note: There may be a 12th tour stop added.

Judging from the photos from the 2011 tour stops, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, LA, Miami, and Vegas will be the best ones. Anaheim and Phoenix would be a crap shoot- could be good or bad. Memphis wasn't good, it brought a lot of people but the cars itself... And Philly and NY isn't a true tour stop because the show will be in a tiny corner of the auto shows.

This ought to be interesting....

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