Fully Customized Jeep Wranger by West Coast Customs

Jul 29, 2011

The hard work continues at West Coast Customs, where they completely customized a Jeep Wrangler. The great part about it is that they documented the progress of the project and showcased it on their site. Here's some of the photos from start to finished...

Looking good guys...

Car Show Coverage: 2011 Dub Car Show: Chicago

Jul 28, 2011

The Dub Car Show Tour is still rolling strong, and this time they stopped off in Chicago. I've never been to Chicago, but after seeing these photos, I do want to go... for a car show. From what I can tell, Chicago does and have some super creative interiors.

Check out some of the photos...

Meguiars chose a gorgeous vehicle for their display...

Love the exterior...

He probably thought he was the hottest thing since sliced bread...

I've seen this car before at the Funkmaster Flex Car Show in Louisville.

*whistles* I would love to hear how great the sound is.

Why use a traditional box when you can use your imagination?

Waka loves the kids... and he has great taste in hats.

Although I do not care for the new tail lights on the Dodge Charger, I do love the fact that they smoked out the tail lights on this particular one.

A car show isn't a car show without a lowrider.

Looks perfect on a Jeep...

*whistles again*

Can't have a car show without a model...

... or more.

Gorgeous, even if the interior is orange.

For more photos, check out Dub Car Show: Chicago Gallery at

Another Mercedes Benz CL... This time, it's courtesy of Forgiato Wheels

Forgiato got their hands on some photos of a very gorgeous Mercedes Benz CL63 dubbed as the Batmobile. According to Gary, this CL63 has an extensive RennTech package as well as several exterior mods including blacked out grill, logos, lights, tints, and Forgiato wheels. The wheels are 22″ Aggio-ECL, all black.

I think I met my new lover....

Shaq's Porsche Pamamera Courtesy of West Coast Customs

Ryan and his crew at West Coast Customs just released photos of the gorgeous Porsche Panamera that they've customized for Shaquille O'Neal. Not only did they add some Modulare Forged Shoes on it, but they gave him some extra leg room so he can fit comfortably.

I'm noticing that the Porsche Panamera is the new celebrity car of the moment. But this one is gorgeous....

Mercedes Benz S63 courtesy of Hipnotic Wheels

Hipnotic Wheels released some photos of a Mercedes Benz S63 wearing some 20" Black Diamond RF1 Wheels...

Blank Stare at The Bumblebee Chevy Cruze

Jul 26, 2011

Chevy continues to ride the wave of Transformers by releasing a special edition Bumblebee Cruze, something like the Bumblebee Camaro like in the United States. According to Autoblog, the car comes with a suitably yellow paint scheme with black accent stripes, as well as an Autobot insignia on the fenders, wheel caps and spread around the interior. Speaking of the insides, illuminated Transformers sill plates are standard fare as well. The standard 1.6-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine is the only available powerplant.

There's just something about this car and I do not like. It's not the customization that was done, I think it's the car. I think when customizations like this are done to cars, I think it works with bigger vehicles. It's like they were trying to jam so much into a small car. Maybe the Cruze to China is like the Camaro is to the United States.

The Benefits of Powder Coating by Cor Wheels

Cor Wheels just released an interesting post about Powder Coating, the benefits of using powder coated wheels and the difference between powder coating a wheels vs painting a wheel.

Powder coating is one of the most durable surface finishes in use today. It is used across a wide array of industries including Aviation, marine, and military applications. The process involves the application of the dry paint or “powder”, which has the look and feel of crumbled plastic, to a part instead of the traditional liquid suspension paint that is traditionally used. There are many benefits to applying a powder coated finish compared to the standard liquid paint finish.

The environment in which a wheel operates is quite harsh and unforgiving. The powder coating process gives it many benefits over traditional liquid paint. Powder coating strengths are its durability and resistance to chipping, corrosion, and flaking that can result from rocks, stones, and other road debris. Powder coating also tends to last longer than liquid paint due to its thicker coating. In some of the more complex designs of forged wheels; areas that are not easily reached, such as deep lug holes, can be covered easily with powder coating thanks to the electrostatic delivery of the media. Additionally, powder coating is viewed as a more environmentally friendly process and overspray powder can be recycled for future usage, virtually eliminating any waste.

To continue reading this article, including the process of powder coating a wheel, go to "The Benefits of Powder Coating" by Cor Wheels.
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