Shelby and Hertz Reunite...

Jul 1, 2011

Four score and many moons ago (Mid 60s, before I was even thought of), Hertz and Carroll Shelby teamed up to offer a custom Ford Mustang that Hertz could rent to their customers. They joined forces again in 2007, and now they're back, where Shelby offers a 50th anniversary edition rental.

Shelby plans to team up with Hertz to bring a new generation of the Mustang GT-H into the world. Starting with a 412-horsepower Ford Mustang GT (*sighs* Memories...), Shelby will reportedly take the two door beauty and tinker with the engine before applying gold stripes to either a black car or a white one. The details of the new and improved 2012 Shelby GT-H program have yet to finalized, but look out for some hot Mustangs sitting at Hertz lots sooner than you think.

As much as I love a hot rental car, especially if I can gush over one and create a blog post about it, I'm not a fan of Hertz. I never understood why they ask so much for a car rental, where you can get the exact same car at another company. If Shelby only had a word with the owner of Avis at LAX, I would be leaving tire skidmarks on the 110... I'm sure renting that fine specimen would cost at least $400 a day, prices higher in major cities.

P.S. I'm also not a fan of the gold stripe. White gold- yes. Yellow gold- nah.


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