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Jul 11, 2011

Looking at lists like this makes me laugh. So the guys at Ask decided to compose a list of the top 10 "manly" cars, or what they think falls into that category. According to their site, the manly cars that did make this list are’t exclusively new cars or old cars, and a few aren’t even cars at all. And just so we’re clear, this isn’t all about horsepower or raw performance numbers. The 10 manly cars that make this top 10 are here because of their character, whether they’re among the fastest in the world or they struggle to keep up on the freeway.

No.10 1960-1984 Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser. I picture a country guy loving this truck, especially if they wear overalls everyday. "The original Land Cruiser was just as rugged and capable as the rival Jeep CJ, but with tougher looks and better reliability. The timeless demand keeps collector values high and has even inspired a re-creation from TLC, a California company specializing in the restoration of these manly cars."

No.9 2007-Present Bugatti Veyron. Seeing how the only people that I can think of that own this car happen to be men, I will have to agree with them. "Remember, though, this isn’t just about the seven-figure sticker price, the 1,001 horsepower or the ability to top 55 mph speed limits by almost 250 mph. As a manly car, the Veyron has the look of an assassin. It's not overtly tough like Rambo, but that’s because it doesn’t have to be. If James Bond were French, this would be his car."

No.8 1953-2002 Cadillac Eldorado. This particular year and model of the photo above (1950s) is hot. It reminds me of I Love Lucy when Lucy wanted this car as a convertible to drive to LA. "This manly personal coupe wasn’t meek, but its sizable proportions were neat and purposeful, managing to look more sophisticated than other models and more appealing to younger male buyers."

No.7 1981-Present Dodge Ram. I understand why this truck is on this list, seeing how nothing about it appeals to me. "On the basis of manliness, they were light-years apart. Buyers responded accordingly, and the years since kept enthusiasm going strong with variants featuring big diesels, crew cabs, dual rear wheels, and even a version with the Viper’s V10 under the hood. 2009 brings another update to the Ram, but Dodge has wisely chosen not to make radical changes, keeping this a manly car for a long time to come."

No.6 1974-1990 Lamborghini Countach. This exotic car screams "I'm a rich man who is having a Mid-Life Crisis". "To this day, the Countach is an uncompromising, temperamental brute with a “screw you” attitude. You’d better do everything just right when you’re stuffed behind the wheel (Mid-life crisis... told you) or things could get very ugly very quickly. Somewhere along the way, you realize the bull in the emblem is apt, and you’re just the matador with a fine line of uncertain control."

No.5 1953-Present Chevrolet Corvette. This car is for the average man who is having a mid-life crisis. But correct me if I'm wrong, but I've seen a lot of women who not only drive this car, but own it, and not just the new ones. "The 1953-’54 cars are excused from this discussion, and some odd color options on the C4 of ’84-’96 dilute the manliness. The manliest is the C2 Sting Ray of ’63-’67. Some see a Sting Ray and think “phallic symbol on four wheels.” Others attribute the manliness to its road manner, which doesn’t suffer fools. Whatever it is, things weren’t quite the same when the Sting Ray designation took a year off for the ’68 redesign and returned as the "Stingray" in ’69."

No.4 1962-1964 Ferrari GTO. This is a cute car. "It was built to win races, so the design was the result of wind tunnel and test-track refinement, not an attempt to appeal to customers. Nevertheless, the manly V12 dominated the track and has become a legend. To this day, it’s just your average streetable race car -- if you dare to attempt it after finding a willing seller and parting with many, many millions."

No.3 1992-2006 Hummer H1. "The look is unmistakable and intimidating. The toughness and off-road prowess is incredible. It may have generated more publicity than sales during its run of public availability, but it will always be one of the manliest rides ever."

No.2 1992-Present Dodge Viper "wholly a man’s car since it was launched as a 1992 model. It has always had a V10, and that’s always been tied to a manual transmission -- no paddle shifters here. What’s more, there isn’t much to save your bacon if you get too crazy -- no coddling electronic aids are going to make it all better. You either get it right or face the consequences -- truly the sign of a manly car."

No.1 1962-1967 AC Cobra. "The car was virtually unmatched by anything else on the track or the street, and its performance is still formidable over four decades later. Whether equipped with a 260 cubic-inch, small-block V8 or the fearsome 427, the AC Cobra is our manliest car for its aggressive and timeless looks, untamed character and association with Carroll Shelby."

All in all, I agree with most of the cars listed, except for the Corvette. Well at least this list made sense, compared to the "top 10 Chick Magnets"...


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