Parking 101 By Chris Brown

Jul 21, 2011

(I had to go with the photo with Chris Brown and the great Jonathan Mannion)

Chris Brown is back in the news AGAIN, only this time, it's something slightly different. Days after the City of New York shutting down both 48th and 49th streets because of the amount of people who came to see him perform at the Today Show, Chris is in the news for his expertise in parking.

According to TMZ, Christopher's neighbors aren't too happy with him. He allows his friends to park in all of his assigned parking spots, which forces him to park his three vehicles in handicap spots. There's other reasons why his neighbors aren't thrilled to live near him, but I chose to discuss the vehicles. Enough over how wrong that is, let's talk about the cars....

Chris can be seen around LA in three vehicles: A Dodge Viper (the one by Unique Autosports that I spoke about before), Lamborghini Gallardo wrapped in that ugly fighter jet vinyl, and the fully customized Range Rover Sport Supercharged (with the Strut grille package) for the days where he doesn't want to be as recognizable.

At the very least, he parked within the lines, but I'm sure there's someone in that building who could use those spaces a little more than he does. Thus and such, I'mma need you to do better.

Photos: TMZ

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