Recapping Episode Three of the Dub Magazine Project

Jul 26, 2011

This Miami based episode was a little different in a great way. The underlying theme, and I’m not sure that Dub did this on purpose, but it was inspiration.

The host of the show was the Game along with his co-star, a black Lamborghini with Savini on the rear. He was looking kinda cute in this episode. (Sorry, girl moment)

I enjoyed DJ Khaled’s segment. It started out riding around in his Baby Blue Rolls Royce Phantom (no, he wasn’t driving); Quick tour of his studio, then we get back to riding to one of his shows in Miami. His segment wasn’t about cars, but I enjoyed it because it was inspirational. When you’re around people who don’t understand what you want to do and just want to bring you down, you often enjoy when someone you may not personally know can inspire you to do great things. And his inspiration to what he does is those who have made it. At times, you need to hear things like that, cause especially in this point in time, there's many people who are out there to steal your joy.

Cool and Dre… Their piece was more of a lifestyle piece which is the first segment that could fit the category of lifestyle. I’m noticing that the new Miami trend is to grow your beard out. See what Rick Ross started… Dre showed off his Maybach 57S, Cool showed off the Saks Fifth Ave Mercedes that I’ve talked about before, as well as the 1971 Chevy Impala. If you go back in time for a second when Cool and Dre was on MTV Cribs, that same Chevy Impala was on that episode. Maybe owners do value their old school vehicles a bit more than their newer cars.

Again, the demanding Shaq is at it again. But does Shaq realize that because they’re showing the customization on tv, they’re going to run into the same problem again, since someone will copy the customizations that was done. But I’m anxious to see the finished project seeing how he keeps changing his mind.

Street Scenes Equipment segment was great because it gave that insight on how to make a grille, even though the segment was all of two minutes.

Gym Class Heroes’ Travie McCoy’s segment. I didn’t realize how eclectic he was. You couldn’t tell by that gunmetal grey Porsche Carrera 4 he pulled up in, but I thought his artwork was great, but again, this segment wasn't about cars.

All in all, I really liked this episode, despite it being more of a lifestyle episode rather than an automotive episode. However, I still can’t wait until the Amber Rose episode. Stop judging me.

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