Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 2011 V-103 Car and Bike Show

Jul 25, 2011

July 16th 2011 was the fourth time that I attended the V-103 Car and Bike Show, only this time, I couldn't stay for the entire show. I wouldn't be the best person to ask about who performed, who was suppose to be there, etc. What I can tell you is about the cars.

Within the few hours I was there, I was pleased with the cars that showed up. In past years, I've been hard on how I critique this show because there were less cars and more venders that has nothing to do with the automotive field. Yes, they're trying to appeal to everyone, but at the same token, it's a car show. Getting a $50 weave has nothing to do with cars, but of course, the majority of the attendees only came to see who was going to grace the stage.

And then there's me, who only came for the cars...

(Sean Garrett's Ferrari)

The person with the biggest presence a.k.a. he brought the most cars: Akon. Here's his Lamborghini, the same one you can catch at QT gas station in Atlanta around the corner from my house every so often. (The things I notice while pumping gas)

Akon's Mercedes SLS sitting on Forgiatos. And yes I jumped the ropes to get better shots, actually one of the guys who works for Konvict Muzik said I could.

And Akon's Audi R8. It's safe to say that he has a thing for white exotic cars and white Forgiato Wheels.

Interesting choice for a grille.

I actually liked the graphics on this car, and normally that's not my thing

Close up

Loved this shade of blue on this lowrider.

I spoke to the owner of this car and he told me how he builds and customize cars for the love of it, he doesn't do it to compete. He picks and chooses his shows that he attends, which means you'll only catch him at this show and certain shows in Miami. And his car is dedicated to the legends of music.

I don't know about it being Georgia's number one soda, but it's definitely mine. Mix it with Patron, and it tastes GREAT!!! Thus concludes my alcoholic moment (I don't drink and drive).

Lincoln Continental with the suicide doors.

Yellow and Black Dodge Challenger

Look what Jason Geter brought!!!!

I'm praying that this isn't in the near future. 32's are one thing (on the right vehicle), but 42's?!?!?!?!?

Butler Tire actually had the prime spot of the car show. I should know because I had the hardest time in this particular section. Probably because...

most dudes were gawking at Amber, like they've never seen a girl wear leather leggings before.

They also teamed up with Lexani/Asanti and brought an 18-wheeler, where folks can go inside and check out the entire inventory of designs that both companies provide.

And as we all know, a car show isn't a car show without...

and his prized possession (other than family and Block Entertainment): His Donkasaurus.

This year had a different selection of cars compared to last year, but it wasn't a bad show. I'll be back next year.

For the rest of the photos, check out Bernie's 2011 V-103 Car Show Gallery

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