Bernie's Car Show Coverage: 1st Annual Blackout Car Show

Jul 13, 2011

Usually I'm apprehensive about first annual shows, especially that crappy show in Madison, GA last year. Last week, I received an email where I was personally invited to the Blackout Car Show. I'd figured since it's in Atlanta, I'll go just to check it out.

Obviously it wasn't a bad show if I'm providing coverage. I'm usually the first one to go if a show is bad, like the Stuntworld Car Show in Montgomery. I can't wait around, especially if I came a few hours after the gate opened.

This past Sunday was the First Annual Blackout Car Show at the Moreland (Ave) Flea Market in Atlanta. I went with very low expectations, but I was proved wrong. Check out some of the shots, and of course my infamous commentary...

Yes, this Monte Carlo does have crushed velvet interior. I hope their air conditioning works, because that's worse than leather and suede.

Gorgeous. I love old school cars like this. I feel that if you're going to buy a car that's considered old school, then you should go old school

Hey everyone, Big Rob came!!!! Fastest way to my heart is to have a license plate like this...

... as well as...

... this in the interior.

I love a blacked out vehicle, even though I'm not a fan of loud colors. And they were bold enough to smoke out the headlights. Love it.

I know this Charger isn't the first car to have this, but it is the first time (in person) where the iPad is installed into the car.

The owner of this car, Neil, is selling this car for about 10K (well that's what he told me), which does include the wheels, tires, amps, 10+ speakers and more. If you're seriously interested in it, send me an email.

I do love this paint job. I don't like the color, but the metallic finish and as well as it was done looks great.

Can't have a car show without a lowrider...

... Or two...

... Or three...

... Or four...

... Or over five. And this one used bandanas as the floormat.

The Blackout car show was honestly not a bad show. I hope that they continue and have a second annual show that'll be even bigger and better... Thanks for the invite.

To see the rest of the photos from the First Annual Blackout Car Show, just click here.

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