Bernie's Take On Body Kits.

Apr 15, 2010

To me, I look at Body Kits like a XXL tube top. Just because they make it in your size, doesn’t mean that it’ll look good on you.

350Z with a body kit.

After going to enough car shows and reading many magazine, you know what type of vehicles look good with body kits. Small cars, such as microcars (Smart Cars), Sub Compact (Chevy Cobalt) Compact vehicles (Toyota Corolla), Mid-size (Honda Accent), Sports cars, Muscle Cars would look good with a body kit. Some luxury cars look good with a body kit- like a Mercedes CLS 500 with a subtle Lorinser body kit. Bentley Continentals with a body kit look terrible. I’m sorry, but it cheapens the vehicle. It looks horrendous. I love Bentley Continentals as much as the next person, if not more. But if the body kit was offered factory, I would never get it. I would treat it like a Chevy Aveo… and that’s bad.

Need I say more???

Need I say more???

Any SUV looks bad with a body kit. Point blank. Even an Envoy with a Body Kit, a Yukon Denali looks bad with a body kit, even a Range Rover Sport will look bad with a body kit. I’m sure that the new Nissan Juke will look bad with a body kit. I’m all for enhancing your vehicle’s appearance, I love it. But if you’re all for making your vehicle look ugly… I will let you know about it.

(I'm crying as we speak.)

P.S. Minivans and body kits are just as bad as SUVs and Body kits.

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