Benetria and her Donk...

Apr 20, 2010

... As in car, get your mind out of the gutter.

Like I said in a previous post, I went to the 2010 King of Kingz Easter Car Show. I was a little frustrated because of the messiness in the customization of the cars. The first car I saw that I loved, was an 1987 Chevy Caprice Classic, owned by Florida's Own, Benetria.

With how my mind works with customized cars, I don't have to like a particular vehicle. But I can always love what a person does to a vehicle. I'm not into the whole Donk, Box, and Bubble Cars, but if a person puts a lot of love and creativity into it, I will love it and feature it.

I liked it because it was well put together, and it was clean... Nothing was cracked, torn, or frayed.

Pink Candy coated Paint (I'm a sucker for some candy coated paint. It could be puke green and I love it), Lambo Doors, and 24 inch Dub Wheels (South GA/North FL Favorite), the grille looks like it's the original grille, but they re-chromed it.

Let's Step Inside...

Candy Coated Dashboard, Reconstructed steering wheel, TVs in the visors with the outside part of the visor matching the paint, matching pink floormats, gray leather seats with pink piping and inserts with "Hood Rich" stitched into the headrests.

32 inch TV on the passenger side with Playstation 3, iPod connection, complete audio system, TVs coming out the headliner.

Look at the doors: There's no glue anywhere in sight.

I wished that they would have continued the candy coated accents to the trunk around the system. Honestly, that would have completed the vehicle. I know, I'm picky. But watch the interview.

I like it.

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