Wishful thinking: Lamborghini Reventon

Apr 5, 2010

This is for the wishful thinkers out there… And those you can actually afford it.

The most expensive Lamborghini to date, is the Reventón. 21 were created, but 20 can be purchased. One of them is reserved for the Lamborghini museum. Totaling $1.5 million, the Reventón has been claimed as the most powerful in the Lambo family.

Let’s talk specs…

Engine: 6.5 L V-12 with 650 hp (I would get in too much trouble with this vehicle)
Transmissions: 6 Speed e-gear or 6 Speed Manual Transmission.
Top Speed: 221 Mph
0-62: 3.2 sec (same as the Murcielago)
MPG: If you’re actually thinking about how many miles to the gallon this vehicle gets, then this is not the vehicle for you. But I’ll be nice and tell you that it gets 7 mpg in the city and roughly 15 on the highway…

Added bonus: the Reventón is the first Lambo model to feature daytime running lights.

Say if you were the lucky few that has the money to purchase the Reventón, the easiest way to customize the vehicle is to change the color. The Reventón is available in one color. The color is an opaque green/grey that has special metallic particles, but isn’t high gloss.

My money is on either Soulja Boy, Akon, Lil’ Wayne, or 50 Cent already having the Lamborghini Reventón…

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