Marcus and his 2007 Robocop Whip...

Apr 26, 2010

Like Benetria's car, I'm not a fan of the Pontiac Grand Prix, but I loved what Marcus did to it. For a minute, I forgot it was a Grand Prix. He transformed it, and made a Prix interesting. If you look at the front end, it looks like a factory Prix but with some rims on it. But then.... Once you work your way to the back, it looks like a totally different vehicle. He took the door off like it was nothing. Speakers are still attached to the door. Look at the detail... Bananas. I'm telling you, the Panhandle loves themselves some Dub Wheels... His Prix is sitting on 24s. Let's step inside. It's customized but it's still factory, and most importantly, it's clean. He left it, but he changed a few things. I see a navigational system, TV in the headliner. He left the seats as is, but it fits. Even though the speaker look like it has been chipped, it's okay. That's why you don't let just anyone ride with you, especially if they ain't use to nothing. The amps were hidden by the backseats, but he wanted to show it off, and who can blame him. And he had the Robocop comic books on the back window ledge. The sun did get to the covers though... Listen to what Marcus has to say.... And I'm anxious to see what else he's gonna do to it. And I told him to bring it up to Atlanta for some car shows here. This could make a lot of noise in Nopi...

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