This Lexus Made My Eyes Twinkle

Apr 28, 2010

So at the Dub Car Show in Memphis, I ran into the car that I absolutely loved... So pretty, and if it was 2005, I'm sure Cam'ron would have been all over this big-bodied Lexus.

I'm all for protecting the innocent, so I blurred out Sunshine's license plate, as well as not putting Sunshine in any of the photos. He's a nice guy from Memphis, but his Lexus has Florida Plates. He let me do whatever I want to get the type of photos I needed, just as long as I didn't put him in the photos. I wonder if he would have let me taken this out on a little test drive...
I was so in awe I forgot to ask him what model is the car. From a glance, it appears to be the Lexus LS460. I doubt it's the hybrid line cause dudes don't really check for hybrids.

Of course, he had the cover for the engine parts that matched the exterior of the vehicle.

Then he has it sitting on 24 inch Davins, still color matched...

Let's go around back, shall we??? Smoked out tail lights!!!

Now, let's head inside. I love the attention to detail. Nothing was left out...

Pink dashboard, slightly darker pink carpet, pink ostrich accents, pink ostrich seats with lavender suede accents, lavender seat belts and the buckle is pink... Let's jump in the back.

I see some TVs, some remotes, even put a center console in the back to make it strictly a four passenger vehicle.

Now here's the funny part. This was his first car show and someone submitted his car into the show. I think he can make a lot of noise in Atlanta with this car, and I'm trying to bring him over here to compete in NOPI cause with this car, he can definitely place.

As much as I love this vehicle, especially the way it was customized, how clean it is and the attention to detail, would I have owned a vehicle exactly like this??? No, and two reasons why I wouldn't. One: it's pink. Yes I'm a girl, but not all chicks like pink. Two: This would get too much attention, and I get enough of that pushing my 'Voy...

I still love this Lex though...


  1. Yeah, sure this car would steal a lot of attention! Pink, eh? I'm wondering how much it would cost for this customization? I'm hoping for a version that comes in colors like blue, black or silver too. But girly color aside, I love the features; the comfy seats and multimedia.

  2. Talk about pink? Well, this car defines exactly what the color pink is. One would take more than a second glance at this cute thing. It's so cool that the owner is putting in the effort to make the interior and exterior color match together. It sure will win or hold a title at any car show. Kudos on this amazing customization!
    Prince Moss @ Lexus of An Arbor

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