Sanctiond Automotive's Car Care Tips

Jul 11, 2012

Car Show Season is officially underway, so the guys at Sanctiond Automotive released a series of videos to help you keep your car clean while using their products.

Bernie's Notes:

Jennifer Nicole gave a great point in the second video when she said that "at car shows, a car can be completely clean but they forgot to do the tires." So true. Oh and I loved how she was striking that pose while spraying the tires. But I have to disagree with her, it doesn't matter which brand of tire cleaner you use, the glaze will always have a long-lasting deeper shine than spray. Remember, I am a product junkie.

That Signature Wax is something serious. Love Mister Cartoon's added commentary.  But I think I would do better with the Spray Wax.

I liked Jennifer Nicole's interview when they talked to her about her love of cars.

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